Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Leveling Up

Slept okay last night, but was up at 6:15, decided to stay up and check something online before my morning doings. Inflated the bed to 60, from 50. I think it helped.

Spook has taken to kneading the BnB for what seems like and hour at a time, very annoying. Also annoying was no bedtime snack (usually some dark chocolate and sugar-free caramels) because fasting blood test in the morning.

Lab opens at 8:30, I was on the road at 8, there at 8:25, 10 minutes for my reg number to come up, another 10 for the lab to call me in.

On my way to work I turned a street too soon, which ate a few minutes. Also had to wait to merge into the freeway offramp traffic. At work about 9:20, maybe a little earlier.

Finished up testing at about 10:30, Boss sent a message that I'm moving out of the hole into the big building for a while. There are some units made by a competitor of the company sharing the hole with me, she doesn't want them to see those. This screws up my coffee plans with Kate for Friday, but maybe we can switch to the main campus.

Lunch was tuna casserole, very rushed because some event with 400 people was using the break room  at 2 pm for the booze stations. Google is the most alcohol-friendly company I have ever worked for. Most Silicon Valley companies ban booze except for Friday after work parties and the rare summer corporate BBQ. Beer and wine are common at early afternoon events here, and I think there's a keg near Boss' section. The gathering meant no going there for my break.

Did some research on mobile phones in Finland. Had an online chat with AT&T, they said unlock my phone and get a sim for Finland when I get there. Could not remember if my phone was unlocked, so found the link to request that, AT&T responded within an hour. When I got home I tried it, it didn't work, so I looked up my original order and yes, it is already unlocked. But I may have to replace it soon, it got dropped hard and the corner is cracked on the back. Samsung is coming out with the new model in a month, this model's price should go down.

Also researched mobile home repairs, and found a guy with an A+ BBB rating in my city who does all the things. Emailed him, he phoned me tonight and we have an appointment for him to come early April 14 and inspect, estimate to follow. He says what the house needs will cost around $1600, and he can do all the doors and the kitchen lights and the bent carport supports. So some of the $ I saved for taxes I didn't owe will go for that.

At 4:30 the guy in the big building asked if it was too late to come over and I said yes, it was too late. He sent a calendar invite (which Google is addicted to) for tomorrow 9:30, which will work fine. So I took my laptops & Nexus phone & cables with me when I hit the road at 5:30.

Traffic was heavy, no reason. Back roads all the way because 101 was slow and 237 was a parking lot. The IFH was backed up too.

In the mail was the wallet I'd ordered on Amazon. Replaces an identical design, different color from a year ago January. Nice wallet, lots of card pockets, but made of soft leather so it doesn't last too long - didn't expect it to.

Dinner was my last Marie C full sized meal, orange chicken. Meh. Agar treats for dessert. Am loving the coconut. Saw the same chef on youtube making something with mint, and it seems I should have filtered the mixture to make it not grainy. And used less mint.

Watched some NFL mock draft stuff on SlingTV. At work I saw the 49ers introduce their new QB and a bunch of other players. Looks like they may have a team this year after all. Maybe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - park in the garage, maybe grab some goodies from the cafeteria, and meet with Tall Guy.
Sync with boss, maybe
Email Kate, change coffee plans
Do a lot of testing

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