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It's 10 O'clock, do you know whee your children are?

AFAIK, I have no children, but it is possible somewhere in Thailand there is one. Thai condoms are not made for Americans, and they tend to break. Thai culture makes unplanned children the responsibility of the mother and her family, I saw a few cases where the mother didn't try to locate the father.
But I digress

Slept well. Turned everything off at 7:30, stayed in bed till 10 because I had no plans for the day until 5.

About 11:30, I made a couple of baloney sandwiches, filled a water bottle, and put those in a bag with a few thin mints and a packet of Famous Amos, put the zoom lens on the camera, grabbed an extra battery, and drove out to Baylands park. Handed in my season pass form, drove to the end of the road, parked and then hauled my camp chair out to the edge of the field.

Started out in the shade, but it was chilly, and there was a breeze, so I moved into the sun. Played around with the camera, shooting pix of the remote controlled aircraft. There were many shapes and sizes. A few large planes, many small but loud flying wings, three or four different models of quads, and one traditional copter, pint-sized. Way down the field someone had an RC model Hummer.

Several people tried to fly kites, but they mostly didn't know how. They had bought the kite for its beauty, and discovered the hard way that a kite which is shaped like an eagle and has long yellow streamers tacked to the ends of its wings will fold into itself when pulled against the wind. If I had been in a mood to embarrass the very large Hawaiian man further in front of his daughter, I'd have suggested he move the streamers to the too-short tail, re-do the back bowstring so the wings were straight out instead of pulled back, and attached the front string to the top of the harness instead of the center.

But Aerodynamics R Us was out to lunch.

Conversely, a girl who looked to be in middle school, with her dad observing but not interfering behind her was hovering a quad copter similar to mine with a lot of skill, against a breeze which would have given me problems. Just to see if it was better hardware, I got a photo of the box as they left the field. It is a much more expensive copter than mine: DJI Phantom 3 Standard. $500 list price. mine was about $120. The phantom 3 hovers automatically as soon as it is in the air and you take your hands off the controls. One button makes it return to where it took off from. And so on. There's an app for it, and it has a clamp on the controller to hold your phone.

I want one.

$400 refurbished.  I could almost buy a 35mm lens for that price. Maybe after I pay off the Helsinki flight and Huawei phone.

The peregrine falcon made an appearance, I spotted it immediately when it launched itself awkwardly from a tree way on the far side of the field, and it flew toward and then right by me. Got lots of photos. One of the quad operators thought it was a red tail hawk, but those are longer, slimmer and mostly glide. Peregrines are kind of chubby, have distinctive banding, and flap their wings most of the way, they are not good gliders.

I only ate one sandwich, and the thin mints. Home at about 3, uploaded my photos here, here and here.

Home, quite a zoo next door as workers continue to remodel the whole inside of the house while the couple who bought the place continue to move in. A real fine example of the owners miscalculating, first on how they could not possibly fix up the place themselves, and then on how long the contractors would take to do what the owners wanted done. New windows went in today, I think the granite countertops went in yesterday.

It was in the 80's, I wanted to take the cover off the air conditioner, but the contractors are still caking the area with sawdust - they have a table saw mounted on the porch facing my carport. It's supposed to get down to 48° tonight, so...

About 4, I headed for MV, where some pressed shirt and tie asshole had decided the line was directly in front of the cashier, and a few other idiots lined up behind him, which put them up against the wall and among people at the tables. I fixed that when it was my turn in the queue, shaming the guy behind the shirt & tie guy, and moving everyone to line up from the front door, along the goodies case, where the gods intended.

Snagged my favorite table. I wanted to sit outside, but there were no vacant places in the shade. The place seriously needs an awning.

Janice was a little late. She had not told me she was coming straight from the airport. She had spent the last 2 weeks in and around Chile.

We caught up, by 6:30 it was time to go.

Home, dinner was Marie C beef and mashed. I added a slice of muenster.

Watched some mindless SlingTV on the NVidia.

Re-parked the car away from the wall, wheeled out the garbage bins, and re-re-parked it.

The charger is flashing warning lights. Online help video says the outlet is overheating. I think I'll swap the Belkin eSwitch for a more robust GE one. And unwrap the cord from the mount.

Fired up the Google laptop, and yes, I can get my email from home. So tomorrow I'll check to see if Tall Guy wants my help before I get on the road.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - start in the hole, but be prepared to be called back to the Plex

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