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Not a lot of waking up last night, but when I woke at 6:50, I read the clock as 6:05, and next thing I knew it was 7:30 too soon, so I didn't make it out of bed till after 8. Excuses, excuses. Long story short, I got to work at 9:30 and stayed till 6. AG tried to call at 8:45 but I was still home, told him I'd call back. But when I did he was busy.

There wasn't any real work to do, so I fine tuned the doc I did yesterday for Boss, and then found a spreadsheet I did a while back suggesting apps which we might want to use for testing, and now that I know how to use the apps library, I went through that and found a bunch more. Vudu was the big WIN. A ton of current and ancient music videos, apparently uncensored. The rap videos are great with the sound muted, the first one I saw had 84 MILLION views, the next > 40 million. Someone is doing a lot of masturbating.

NFL Mobile app is how I discovered Tony Romo is toast. C|net app is total crap - each clip starts with a commercial. CNN app puts up quality videos, though the alleged news is not so quality. A lot of the apps are free to install, but require a cable subscription to actually use. And some have commercials. And some are pay per view.

Anyhow, that kept me occupied. Lunch was tuna with noodles, I added string cheese and cashews. Messy, but yummy. Longans for dessert. My last batch.

Break time was just me, until a pretty blonde appeared, back to me but face in profile, really nice view. Then a pregnant friend came to get her, turns out she was pregnant too.

Home, traffic was light, I zipped onto the freeways for the last bit.

Arrived to find someone had stepped on the aloe plant along the carport. There was a big mess left by the construction workers which was blowing across the plants. They've been cutting through a small gap between the mailboxes and the #6 porch stairs, and managed to trounce the aloe plant, snapped off a branch and gouged the small square of dirt.

Grabbed a 5' stake, planted it at the edge of the garden, got a roll of string and ran it to the mailboxes and back twice, then tied it off. While I was doing that, new neighbor lady came out and started cleaning up the mess, brushing sawdust and drywall off the mint and oregano plants. I chatted with her, she has an unpronounceable Korean name. I thought they were Chinese. I guess not. She said she is 60. She looks 40.

Phoned the contractor who will be leveling§§ my house, let him know there were 5 not 4 carport support columns to replace.

I saw Lee from #8, let her know #6 was a fellow Korean. She ticked off three more new Korean neighbors.

Dinner was Marie C shrimp & chicken & noodles, home made lime soda, pistachio halvah for dessert.

Doc wanted to know how often I've had low blood sugar, so I plugged my meter into the computer to get the data. Turns out the software (11 years old) doesn't work on Windows 10. And is no longer made or supported. A search showed I was eligible for a new meter (free) which connects wirelessly to a phone app. Got the coupon from Lifescan, in case I need it, and emailed my diabetes doctor asking him for a prescription. It uses different strips, I think. Kaiser usually gives meters and strips for free.

Down time at work allowed me to shop, and the more I read about the Huawei phone I ordered on eBay, the more I wanted to just replace my Samsung S7. Amazon had a vendor asking the same price for an unlocked red one, so I bought it. And added a poly-U cover. I'll sell the H on eBay, I think.

I also have a bunch of Z-wave units to sell.

I checked my photo cases, and do not have a Tamron zoom for the current camera. The Nikon lens weighs a ton, so does the D800E camera. For Finland I prefer a lighter lens.

Hugo nominations came out, I have two friends who made the cut, one edits a fanzine which was chosen, and the tradition is that all the major contributors to that issue are nominees, which means maybe 5 more people I know. One of the BASFANs said she wanted to watch a nominated series but had not heard of it - turns out it's a Netflix original. Tonight over dinner I watched the first episode. It's called Stranger Things and is pretty good. Very nerdy. Great audio. She's welcome to come over after work and watch, but I think she found someone else to do that with.

Switched from suspenders to a belt a few weeks ago. Strange side effect is it makes my underpants waistband bunch up. Very uncomfortable by the end of the day.

§§ In this case, leveling means making the house level. It's two connected trailers, but it is up on supports, the wheels are disconnected and under the house somewhere. Over time and different loads (from a new set of furniture) the house shifts and bends, and the supports need to be adjusted to make it level. Symptoms include the doors being out of true, hairline cracks in the walls the ceiling, and loose floorboards.

Plans for tomorrow:
Re-plant the aloe (?)
Get on the road in time
Call AG
Ping Boss. Share the doc with her
Ping Tall Guy, see if he has any work for me
Ping M, remind him he was going to share a download site so I could play with a unit I have in the hole which has elderly software
There's an April Hop at lunchtime at the main complex. If it doesn't rain I may hike up there. But rain looks likely.

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