Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dromedary Day

Very good sleep, but again woke up at an awkward time. Not early enough to really go back to sleep but too early to stay up. Spook was elsewhere until I decided to read on the tablet, which is when she hopped onto the bed and spread herself across the BnB.

Up and about a little after 8, on the road at 8:40. Phoned AG and chatted till 9. I was in the parking lot, he was at the IFH a few minutes from his work.

Another day with nothing official to do, so I put the flaky proto aside, put a known good TV on my desk and hooked up a STB which is used as a reference, installed Vevo (last post I mistakenly called it Vudu). Watched a lot of video. Installed a new version of Netflix which was announced for all the Android machines last week. Watched a movie which Felicia Day called the worst movie ever made, The Wraith. I have to disagree, it features a young Charlie Sheen, a very sinister Nick Cassavetes, a very sexy bright-eyed Sherilyn Fenn and a clean-shaven Randy Quaid as the sheriff. An amazing acting job by a little-known actor, David Sherrill as "Skank", a young thug who is high on transmission fluid, or just about anything he can snort. There is a gratuitous bikini beach scene, some possibly important to the plot naked breasts, and street races with the Obligatory Fiery Crashes. 

Felicia Day's comment came from an interview online from her being cast as one of the characters on this year's reboot of MST3K. Patton Oswalt is her sidekick, but he wasn't in the interview. I'm not a huge fan of the show, it's never been clever enough for me. In college a bunch of us used to get together for Creature Features every Friday night, and our banter was a lot funnier. Plus we had Stock Characters which MST?K doesn't. For example, almost every Bad Science Fiction Movie® has:
The Professor
His Daughter, Suzie Sweater
Her boyfriend, Biff
The Professor's young assistant, Nerdling, who often wins Suzie from Biff by saving her with science!
And there's usually The General, and/or The Sheriff
And The Reporter, whose "interviews" are a cheap writer's trick to have exposition without it being narrative.
Of course there was also The Thing, usually made horrible by a nuclear accident.

But I digress.

Did not see Boss online at all, which surprised me. I won't be surprised if at about 10 she moves or cancels our sync session. I'll send her the doc I worked on, that should remind her.

Lunch was Meatish Swedeballs. The antidote to eye candy was there. Someone who might have at one time been eye candy left at about the half hour mark - a butt the size of Nebraska cost her points.

Break time I was by myself.

There was some amusement in the hole as a maintenance worker replaced ballasts and tubes in several of the overhead lights in what is now unoccupied space. He said he would fix my flickering light Real Soon Now.

Left a little after 5:30, hoping to hear from Tall Guy. He was online but silent.

First stop, BB&B, bought a new knife block, the one I've had for decades is splitting. Also a hand soap liquid refill. Several SodaStream syrups - they sell them for $5, everywhere else is more. Despite having almost every item a drug store has, they did not have alcohol swabs. I told the GPS to find me a Walgreens, but it sent me to one which was closed last year, so I continued on to the big new Safeway, and they had their own brand. BD makes the best, but they have supply issues. I should have waited to get the soap there - would have gotten 64 oz for the price I paid for 56 oz at BB&B.

Home, put stuff away. Took the shirts out of the washer and into the dryer. Went outside and re-planted the two aloes which the sloppy #6 workers had dislodged. I don't think they showed up today. One of their trucks was parked at the end of the block, but it was there yesterday.

Drove to the clubhouse and dropped off the annual association dues ($5). Looked at their calendar, and it said there was a association monthly meeting at 6:30, but at 7:15 the pace was empty. A bunch of copies of the agenda was on a table, I'm surprised they got through all that in half an hour.

Home again, dinner was Marie C herb roasted chicken. Watched an episode and a quarter of Stranger Things on Netflix. A couple of the child actors are becoming annoying. The mother of the lost boy is way over the top with being at her wit's end. The writers are bending over backward to keep the police chief from thinking outside the box while being faced with a metric tonne of unboxable events. But technically it continues to be excellent, and maybe in my lifetime the missing boy and the found girl will converge into the single plot which is obviously intended.

Delivered was the Huawei phone, which I had planned to try out, take photos of, and re-sell on eBay. But it's new in the box, shrink wrap still on, so I'll wait till the Samsung arrives and if it's in good shape, then I'll sell the Huawei as new. Checked the model #, and it is a 64GB version. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss sync?
CHM talk at 6-ish


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