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Mister Eclectic

A Day of No-shows

Woke up at 6:30 again. Spook was kneading the BnB very loudly. Quick pit stop then back to sleep. Out of bed by 8, on the road by 8:30, maybe sooner. It was windy and threatening and the weather cretins were warning about impending rain, so traffic was a mess. I took the back roads and am glad I did, because everyone was on 101 early. It didn't rain until after 5 pm.

Boss emailed the group that she was having a bad morning, and was taking a vacation day. Boo hiss, so much for our sync. Have not talked to her in a week, and need something to work on. I sent her the doc I'd been putting together, she got it when she went to send her no-show email.

Absolutely nothing useful to do at work. The break room staff was also a no-show, there were no bananas, no diet Coke except for caffeine-free and cherry, no HB eggs, and the chocolate pudding cups were waaaaaay in the back of the fridge.

Played with Youtube and Netflix. One Netflix movie starred an old heart throb, Gong Li (aka Li Gong) who is still gorgeous after all these years. It was a loser of a Chinese movie Monkey King 2, which has some incredible CGI and some of the worst acting ever. Amazingly poorly written, definitely meant as a kiddie flick. So I looked up Gong Li on IMDB, and saw she has done a few films since I last saw her. Looked them up on Netflix, and nothing. Amazon Prime had three of them, but one was for sale only, no rental. I put the other two on my wish list. They each cost about $5.

On a hint from a friend on FB, I tuned into the hearings on Russia's involvement in the US elections. The first "expert" lost me when he kept referring to the current Russians as the Soviets. I took off the headphones until the second "expert" who was tossing out comments about forms of hacking which showed he is not a hacker himself, and only understood the concepts from an Executive Summary level. I'm done here, more accurate information was on the NFL channel's speculation of how long the new 49ers QB will last.

Lunch was a small Marie C beef pot pie and Thin Mints. A tour group came through, it was a gaggle of new hires a bit older than usual, late 20's to 30's. The guide was prepping them to learn about the company culture. It was almost funny.

Break time was just some drive-by coffees, and the little old lady who collects the trash.

It was starting to drip when I walked back after 4. I had a CHM lecture by the founder of Uber on my calendar for 7 pm, so I stuck around a few extra minutes, drove the half mile to the museum, and was surprised that a sold-out event had a nearly empty parking lot 75 minutes before it started. Went inside, the sign said registration was upstairs, but it was for an event in one of the back event rooms, not the auditorium. Back downstairs, was about to sit and read until some signs of life showed, when a staffer asked what I was waiting for. I showed her the event notice, and she said it has been canceled by Mr. Uber.

Back to the car, it is raining very hard now, so I drove across the street to the Starbucks lot, but it was almost full, which meant *$'s was probably full. I sat there a few minutes and decided that there were probably no seats in the coffee shop, and even if there were, it was better to drive home while it wasn't pitch dark. So I did.

The back roads were not so crowded, and as I passed alongside and over the freeways, they were a mess in all directions.

Home, in the park mail was a notice of a flea market Saturday. I have stuff I would like to sell, but don't want to spend the time at a table. In the mail was a signature-required delivery notice from USPS, I thought it might be my passport, but online it said it was for the Samsung phone. I won't be able to pick it up till Saturday, unless I drive out there at lunchtime. PO is most of the way back home. In the mailbox was the cover I'd ordered for it, I put it on the current phone. The design is called Aztec Elephants, which is funny since there are no elephants in the Americas. 

Played with a facebook quiz app, posted a quiz with a question for each month. So far no takers that  can tell. I think the app requires $$ to get notifications. I just did text this time, maybe I'll do one with images later. Or not.

Fired up the laptop, it needed updates and charging.

Spook decided she wanted to play soccer with me. She has these golfball sized foam balls which stick to her claws, she likes to snag them and fling them. She bats one to me pretty accurately for a while, then flings it down the hall and chases it, with me forgotten in a cloud of dust. She moves fast. You wouldn't think she could for such a big kitty.

Dinner was an off-brand chicken in peanut sauce. Meh. Watched the last 2/3 of the second episode of Stranger Things. Missing boy's mom is way over-acting, but the plot thickens in three or four areas.

As I was watching, there was a thunderstorm on the screen, and a rare few crashes of rolling thunder outside. Major sustained wind with even more major gusts. Like an Oregon coast storm, but with smaller raindrops.

Halvah with chocolate sauce for dessert.

And in political news, while my "libtard" friends are all twisted nickered about Trump bombing the crap out of the air base in Syria which launched the poison gas attacks, this came across the Reuters feed: clicky. You may remember her earlier experiences with similar circumstances clicky. Apologies for the less than stellar source for that last one, I'm too lazy to hunt for the story source by source.

IMHO, we can't stand idly by while a despot gasses innocent citizens, many of them children. I thought the world learned this lesson from WWII.
Plans for tomorrow:
Work. 75% chance of no assignment again. Boss has been "on assignment" all week, I would not be surprised if she takes another vacation day.
Try to p/u the phone at the PO lunchtime
Dim Sum for dinner?

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