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Too Much Fun

Betting that Boss would not be at work, at least not before 9:30, I hit the PO at 9, picked up the package which was not the passport but the Samsung replacement phone. Realized the street the PO is on is a shortcut to my usual back road route, and got to work in 15 minutes. Chatted with AG on the way. He's going to Hawaii for spring break with the wife & kid.

No assignment at work, Boss was a no-show, so I exercised one of the STBs with Netflix, binge watching House of Cards, which I had only seen snippets of (it's in the test suite). Gotta say Kevin Spacey does southern real good, but the accent slides in and out more than I think it ought to. Very impressed with Robin Wright, but the rest of the cast for Season 1 strikes me as second rate. I looked up Robin's images online, and she has an amazing body, and loves to show it off. Impressive for a 50-year-old.

While that was running, I was trying to port the old Samsung Galaxy S7 to the new Samsung Galaxy S7, but hit some snags. Long story short, it turns out that the SD card is locked to the old phone, it cannot simply be plugged into the new one. Running the file transfer app fails because it tries to transfer all the files from the internal storage and the SD card of the old phone into just the internal storage of the new phone. Got some help from the seller, and from online sites. Hope what I am doing in the background fixes it.**

Lunch was tuna with noodles with a pair of string cheeses added to the top. Made a nice crust. Next time I'll use less radiation.

Break time, there was a small gang of children in the men's room making loud noises in the echo-friendly room, with the Dyson hand blasters as accompaniment. Sounded like a zoo. We're talking maybe 6th graders. They were on their way out shortly. But as soon as they left, a group of Japanese visitors - probably college freshmen or high school seniors - came in and crowded into the table next to mine. Three guys + three very skinny, pretty girls.

Stayed in the hole till after 6, drove to the garage, plugged in the car, and went to the only open cafeteria to get some split pea/ham soup. Played Ingress while I waited for them to open, captured three portals and linked them. Turns out the soups did not include split pea, but something like Mexican meatball and coconut chicken. No thanks. Just for grins I walked to the two food trucks, one had beef satay, so I waited in line about 10 minutes for that. By then the car was 72% charged, enough to get home on battery with some to spare.

Home, at the carport door was the 220-110 converter and European plug adapters. At the front door was the new cat toy. Spook loved it.

**plugged the old phone into the computer, made a directory for the main memory and one for the SD card, and copied to the PC. I took the SD card out, and as I write, it is in an adapter plugged into the PC and is being formatted - full not quick. Th next step is to put that into the new phone, go through the setup (I wiped it to factory settings before leaving the hole), confirm that the new phone can see it, and then copy everything from the PC. I may have to format the SD card again in the new phone, but I hope not.

While copying was in progress I watched First Dates on one of the broadcast stations via Tivo (so I could pause and check progress on the PC). Weird show. The dates are all in the same posh restaurant. The participants had to pay the (~$200) bill. They only show snippets, and they jump around between couples, and jump between before & after interviews. I didn't think any of the matches were very good, especially not the serial killer and the hooker with the new boob job. Maybe the two husky people with matching frosted hair color were a good match for a first date. The elderly naturalist and the similarly aged fat lady will be lifelong adventure travel companions but probably not more than just friends.

Heated up the beef satay, and it gets 3 ♦♦♦.  One star off because it wasn't on a skewer (but I understand why they would do that) and there was no vinegar for the chopped carrots and cabbage on the side (there should also have been cucumber bits). Another star off for not enough peanut sauce - what little was there was Just Right. The beef was a bit gristly, but that's the way it is IRL.

Still reading that free Kindle book, and laughed out loud at one of the lines, it was so bad. The author has a flair for writing, but he has a way of mangling phrases, and using the wrong participles. Not often enough to get in the way of the story, tho.

It rained lightly on and off today, mostly just looked threatening and windy. Real rain probably tonight and tomorrow, which is a shame because Ardenwood Farm has a special event this weekend.

Plans for tomorrow:
Have the new phone online
Stay in, watch Netflix
5 pm coffee with Janice
8 pm The Drowsy Chaperon in Sunnyvale

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