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Phun With Fones

I went to bed way late, with the PC cranking away copying all the files from the Samsung phone. Or so I thought. Got up around 9, and checked. It was stuck on a file, after clearing that up it said another 2 hours.

Went to Fry's, bought a 128GB SD card & an international non-activated SIM. Home, put the SD in the new Samsung phone and it did not work. Emailed the seller, they said send it back, so I went online to Amazon and filled out a return request. The SIM did show up, which told me they were not lying about the phone being unlocked. That was just a test, the SIM was only $1.

So, Plan B, took out the new Huawei Honor 8 phone, put the SD card from the Samsung in, it worked fine. So no, the Samsung doesn't lock the SD card. Put the new SD card (twice the capacity) into a card reader, copied all the SD backup from the PC to it, put it and the AT&T SIM in, and they worked fine.

The rest of the afternoon was spent re-installing programs, but it was relatively painless because Google and AT&T both have easy transfer apps, so even if the program did not transfer, the login info did.

4:45, time to go to MV for coffee with Janice. We had a serious argument about politics. She doesn't get it that Trump can't order that kind of missile strike against Syria unless his military chiefs already had a plan. And a surgical strike to punish an egregious act of terror does not mean he's on a hair trigger for a nuclear war. And North Korea is no threat, technically we're still at war, and have major military forces nearby.

6:30, plenty of time, so I took the slow way to Sunnyvale Players. The Drowsy Chaperon. Lots of friends in the cast. The title role played by someone who met me 25 years ago in that theater doing Fiddler. And in 2000 we did La Mancha there. The narrator/director was in La Mancha with me 8 years later in Saratoga.

Ushers included a guy I did several shows with in San Jose who walked out on his wife and children, and the bimbo he ran away with.

Very strange show, it centers around The Man In The Chair, who has a vinyl record, Original Broadway Cast, remastered from the 1920's, which he is going to play for us. As he plays it, actors take the stage and perform the show, with frequent interruptions by The Man to express opinions, call our attention to something, and be brought back to real life by the phone ringing. It's campy and over the top, some superb acting, and a lot of on-purpose not-so-superb acting. The set is mostly bare, dressed on the fringes to look like The Man's livingroom & part of the kitchen. The fridge is used in remarkable ways.

Basic story line is a famous Follies actress is leaving theater life to marry the son of an oil magnate. Her producer sold shares of the upcoming show to Mafia members, who have sent two thugs to encourage him to break up the wedding, so he won't lose his star, and they won't lose their investment. Yes, straight out of Kiss Me, Kate. There are also spoofs of The King And I, and several other musicals mixed in.

There are some nice tunes, and a lot of clever lines, way too man pastry puns (the thugs are disguised as pastry chefs) and against all odds, nobody is killed or even wounded. There is a very impressive special effect near the end - two, actually, but otherwise it is singularly non-technical. Leading man was badly off key in his first number,  otherwise musically a fine production. Oh, and Man used his STAGE VOICE, which totally should not have been miked. Forehead mic, very distracting. I was in the last row...

Opening night, the reception was, as usual, poorly laid out. It took forever to get to the food, which was just cold cuts and caramel popcorn. After getting hugs from most of my cast and crew friends, someone finally found a knife to cut the cakes, and I had a small piece as I walked to my car. Glad I went, it was very entertaining.

Home, had some cinnamon raisin toast & diet orange soda, and here I am.

I should mention lunch - herring in sour cream with onions, trail mix instead of veggies. 

The Huawei uses USB C connectors. I have one in addition to the one which came with the phone, but the charger it comes with is USB2, very slow. So I ordered a pair of USB C chargers and cables, plus one car charger.

Oh, I also took photos outside after the sun came out, the two new rose bushes and two of the older ones are in bloom. And there were bumble and honey bees on the BFs.   I'll share those tomorrow, they are still in the Nikon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check the old phone and install any apps I missed onto the new phone
Trim Spook's claws
Maybe make Khao Mook Gai. Or at least make the marinade and soak the chicken in it.
Freeze basil, mint, Thai lime & oregano leaves - separately
Process the photos

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