Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I need to get out more

Or something. Bedtime was after 2 am, slept deeply with major dreams which were gone as soon as I woke up. Spook was in the BnB part of the night, and next to it part of the night. Took my time getting dressed. Checked to see that the weekly backups were done.

All my Hawaiian shirts have been piled in a corner, this morning I ironed them all. As opposed to ironing all of them. I only iron the collar, and the panels which hold the buttons and the button holes. I don't care if the rest is wrinkled, that just looks ethnic. But wrinkled collars are uncomfortable and wrinkled button panels make it hard to button/unbutton the shirt.

Got all AR and drove to Fry's to get USB-C stuff for the new phone. Yes, I have most of the same stuff on order, but it won't get here till a week from tomorrow. I'm planning on selling the old phone on eBay, I needed photos to show the damage, and I took those on the new phone. Needed a cable to connect to the PC.

Home, connected the phone to the PC,  and the photos were horrible. Too much reflection. I need to maybe put the phone on the scanner. Probably need to use the Nikon macro lens on a tripod & timer.

I'd taken the chicken out to defrost, but didn't feel up to making the recipe. Watched another episode of Stranger Things, and it is definitely getting stranger.

Made a couple of roti for a snack at about 3, wish I had the motivation to whip up some penang curry sauce. Glad I did not have to motivation to pour on sweetened condensed milk and sprinkle on sugar, which is the other way it's served in the markets.

Added all the apps to the new phone which were on the old phone but didn't transfer over. Reset the old phone to factory settings.

Checked which travel insurance I used for a trip in 2010 which had to be scrapped when Mom died. They gave a full refund when the tour agency and the UW band reps, whose trip it was, refused to help at all. They want $200+, I think I'll wait till it's closer to the trip.

Took photos of the garden with the Nikon. They are on FB. I especially like the honey bee ones.

And the chromatic rose

For dinner I steamed some sui mai and ha gow and pork buns. Dessert was the last of the pistachio halvah.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping the Boss, find out what I'm supposed to be doing

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