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Everyone is moving, but nobody is posting

Worst sleep in weeks. Kept waking up to a damp pillow. Went to bed at 10, to sleep after midnight. Some of that was reading & videos but most of it was insomnia. And I had to be up an hour early for the contractor's visit.

Contractor Dale and his assistant arrived 15 minutes early, so good thing I was ready half an hour early. Things on the agenda:
1. Level the house
  1a. True the doors (leveling the house will help)
  1b. Alter the dryer vent tube so it has more airflow
  1c. Replace missing insulation (he said I'll have to get someone else to do that)
2. Replace the 5 bent carport support columns
3. Replace the kitchen ceiling fluorescent tubes with LED tubes
  3a. Replace the kitchen ceiling light diffuser panels

They looked under the house, figured out what kind of  supports were there. Sounds like there are 4 and it needs 6. I showed Dale around the house, pointing out cracks in the walls & ceilings and he agreed these were there when I bought the house because the previous owner spackled over them instead of leveling the house.

He wanted me to buy the LED tubes and the diffuser panel.

They were out of here by 8:15, I was at work 25 minutes early because Good Friday = not a lot of traffic.

Unlike most CA companies, Google has a very small minority of Catholics, so it wasn't a holiday. But I had no formal assignment, Boss forgot all about me for the day. There was interesting email from a manufacturer's engineer about why they think they have fixed a bug that I filed, and it showed that while he knows all about the cause, he doesn't understand the user experience trumps the technical explanation. Sigh.

I did a lot of video watching, discovered that BBC America, which I have on SlingTV, is running a Doctor Who marathon when what I really want is to be able to play the Xmas Special, which doesn't appear to be on the list. A new episode is on tomorrow night, which I may watch, but BBC/A won't let me record it there. I hate watching it live, between the sucky audio and the accents I'd like to be able to rewind.

Lunch was smaghetti & meanballs, Famous Amos for dessert. And I grabbed a snack cup and a hummus cup for the hole. Snack cup had two sticks each of celery, carrot & jicama.  That was an experiment, because the last time I grabbed one of those the jicama had turned. But this one was fine. Maybe a little dried out.

Spent some time on DW, the only friend of mine who had a post later than 2013 was Radar, she did one today saying she hasn't been journaling at all for a while because Drama™ but now she's back, maybe. When I fist met her I liked her a lot, she's pretty impressive on a couple of levels, but her crowd is more into alcohol than I'm comfortable with, and there's geography in the way too.

Home Deport after work, found the LED tubes quickly, but had to do some sorting because customers had mixed them up a little. Took much longer to find the diffuser panel - had to ask, and they only sold it in double wide, and won't cut it. But the bill came in at <$50, a definite price drop since the first time I had checked.

Home, Dale called and dates for the 24th-25th to do the work while I'm at work. I re-programmed a second code into the carport door lock so he can have access while I'm out, and so he can test the door to be sure I can actually get into the house. I had to remind him about the carport posts. He said he was expecting to have to cut the diffuser panel.

Lots to do online, dinner was way late. Beef pot pie. Ice cream and walnuts for dessert. Watched some BBC/A and poked around SlingTV which I have not been using much because Netflix. There was some interesting pre-draft stuff on the NFL network.

Nothing in the mail, nothing delivered.

Took about an hour to fill in the application for Motherland Insecurity's Global Entry program. I'd like to have it in time for Helsinki. If I get it sooner, I may test it on a trip to Sandy Eggo. Before TSA Theater, I flew there for the weekend every couple of months. It's a 2-day Amtrak ride. The application was much the same as a Google job application, and yes, I found a bug in it. Global Entry, not Google. It burped on two different browsers.

No solid plans for tomorrow. I may bring a vacuum cleaner to the community hall for them to sell in their flea market. There are a couple of things I need from Target.  Maybe I'll go to the park if the weather clears up. Or downtown after Target and Ingress some portals.

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