Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Midnite Madness

Once again, shopping delayed things.
Woke up at 7:15 feeling low, HGL was in the low 60's. Had some ice cream & honey, went back to bed till almost 8. Skipped the shower, rushed through the morning stuff, checked Gmail and saw nothing asking me to go to the big building or do anything.

At work almost on time, grabbed a banana, there were no eggs, but a Kind bar and some cheese squares served for protein. I had brought a diet Coke from home.

Watched MST3k's first two Netflix episodes. The show has vastly improved from its earlier incarnation, and I like having closed captioning and FF. That was on the TV. On the Linux box I watched Thai vampire soap opera episodes, and loved the voice of the woman who sings the theme song. Turns out she is a very sexy cougar named Pat Wong who leads a band called Klear, and my eyes leaked a little when I found an episode of "I Can See Your Voice" where she invites a pretty, tall young woman contestant to duet with her on one of her hits. Kristen Chenoweth does this a lot in her concerts, and it usually is amazing how good the person-off-the-street is. In this case, the rock number was a piece of cake for "#6 woman" who afterward reveled she is at a prestigious university majoring in Opera. She launched into some semi-coloratura by way of example.

The panelists just before #6 starts singing at 3:24 are agreeing she has a very strong/pretty voice - prior to the beginning of the Youtube clip she had competed against 5 others for this honor.

I went online to ethaicd.com and ordered some Klear CDs.

Lunch was roast beef with gravy & lots of potatoes & mini broccoli. Two Jello chocolate pudding cups for dessert. There was some eye candy, actual employees from other buildings.

Break also had some people to look at, but no tour groups so it was kind of quiet.

Left at 5:30, and punched Whole Wallet Market into the GPS since that was the closest place which I figured had shallots and daikon. Total FAIL, instead of the GPS routing me away from traffic it sent me to the worst. And to add to the frustration, as soon as I got to the left turn at El Camino, the left turn signal stopped working. I sat through 4 cycles - about 10 minutes - before I was able to pull over to go straight, and take a left turn a couple of blocks later.

I found daikon right away, only needed a small one for the chicken stock, so I bought one for now and one to freeze. The shallots were nearby, but on the end of a table so not so quickly found. One thing about Whole Wallet is the amount of tight bubble butts in form-fitting pants was very high. So was the price on most of the engagement rings. So many tall blondes. The market also had my favorite French sheep milk cheese, and at a reasonable price (for them) a couple of 4-oz lox varieties, and I picked up a large and small falafel-with-hummus.

One frustration is WFM has free car chargers, but the one for my car needs an access card from Ford. Since there are no chargers of that brand which fit my car anywhere near home or work, the card was set aside on my desk in a pile of "I should file these" cards.

Home, and the fun continues. Delivered was a 6-foot USB-C cable to replace the too-short one in the bedroom, and an aromatherapy atomizer to replace the dead one, also in the bedroom.

In cooking news:
- Cut up the chicken hindquarters into drumsticks and split each of the thighs into two pieces, and cut off the tail bones.
- Placed those in a long glass baking dish
- Slathered them in the curry-like marinade, which smells delicious.
- Covered with plastic wrap and put into the fridge for overnight

- Sliced up 4 shallots, two paper towels' worth of very thin slices
- Sprinkled kosher salt on them
- After 15 minutes, paper toweled them to wick away most of the resulting water
- Got out my flat-bottom wok, added the shallot slices, covered with canola oil and fried them (it took about half an hour)
- Skimmed them out of the oil and onto a paper towel on a paper plate to cool

Dinner break - nuked the big falafels, and some pita pockets from the freezer. The pockets were cardboardized and stuck closed, I tried to steam them but no go. Toasting also failed. So I ate the falafel by hand, dipping them in a mix of hummus and Greek yogurt dressing. Yum!

- Transferred the cooled fried shallots to a ziplock bag and put in the fridge next to the chicken

- Ground up a couple of pinches of saffron in the mortar and pestle
- Poured 2+ cups of chicken stock from the box into my go-to saucepan
- Cut up some daikon and added to the stock
- Threw in a few cloves of garlic
- Simmered for 15 minutes
- Skimmed out the daikon & garlic, and added the now-powdered saffron
- Turned off the heat, stirred, covered and let sit

Dessert break - lactose free chocolate ice cream, crushed pistachios, walnuts, chocolate syrup

- Poured the saffron-infused stock into a storage tub, and set in the fridge with the chicken & shallots

- Poured my open package of jasmine rice into the measuring cup. Not quite 2 cups.
- Opened a new package and topped off the rice

Yet to be done:

- Sear the marinated chicken in the wok, using the shallot-infused oil
- Wash the rice until the water runs clear
- Heat the rice in the shallot-infused oil
- Put the rice, stock and chicken in a pot and cook together

Plans for tomorrow:
Improv group in MV

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