Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring Day, Tedious Night

Late dinner last night translated into 200 on the Hgl meter in the morning. Should have been lower, all things considered. I mean, how many carbs does falafel have, anyway?

Slept well when I finally got to sleep at about 2 am. Had to work till I reached a convenient break point in the Kao Mok Gai recipe.

Woke up with the alarm, but watched a short video before I got out of bed. AG phoned when I was in the shower, he was early, I wasn't. I called him back when I got into the car 10 minutes later. He spend the last week in Hawaii, but we barely had time to talk about it because his Sprint network kept messing up - trying to run half duplex on a full duplex network means horrible echoes.

At about 9:30 Boss scheduled a meeting with me at my lab for 2 pm. I had no real work to do, so I ad hoc tested apps. Took lunch at 1 as usual, but rushed back early, only to find Boss had changed the meeting to tomorrow. :-(

I watched MST3K (remembering when it was MST2K) for another episode, The Time Travelers. There was a particularly attractive slut when they got to the future, I looked her up, she had been a Playboy cover model and probably centerfold a couple of years before, and IMDB lists a string of appearances on TV and low budget films for a few years after. Also in the future is a more elegant older woman with a svelte figure, whom IMDB says had a long career on TV and movies, and this was the last credit they listed for her. The slut from the present, Merrie Anders, who had the hots for her manly co-worker, has a seriously impressive list of TV and movie credits, including Desk Set, How To Marry A Millionaire, and Lassie. The movie is pretty good, actually. Cheesy in places, and low-budget tech, but the general plot is sound, and the ending has an O'Henry twist.
Dinner break
Pork buns. Also the Kao Mok Gai was done. The chicken came out great, but the rice is way too oily and soggy. It's the right color, and smells great, but I definitely needed to drain it better after sautéing in too much of the canola oil in which the shallots were fried.

5 servings of chicken in rice are in ziploc freezer bags, cooling on the kitchen counter, and 3 small packets of just the rice. It's going to take a while for the (expected) brown layer of rice to soak off the bottom of the pot. Nice heavy duty pot which I had bought for chicken soup and then forgot. I need to nest it inside the larger pot I used the last 20 times.

But I digress.

Blew off the improv group, and left work for home at 5:30. Traffic was mixed. Watched half an episode of Match Game and now I am going to read some LJ, DW and FB, and go to bed, after finding the next trashy book on my Kindle app. I finished The Trilisk Ruins (Parker Interstellar Travels, #1) by Michael McCloskey. It was free, but each of the 8 sequels is $4. It's a good book, well written, well defined characters, a lot of imagination, some chapters are narrated as if in the POV of the alien creature, most narrated from the POV of our heroes. Unlike most free things on Kindle, this was well proofread and edited.

Delivered was the zoom/macro lens.  One pet pevee with my very expensive Nikon zoom is it doesn't focus close up. The roses are in bloom, maybe tomorrow I'll try some macros shots, see how much better they are than what I get from the phone:

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync with Boss. She is looking into getting a lock on my door so I can do all my testing in the hole.
Home (?)
Run the dishwasher

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