Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

BayCon Photo DVDs

As I write this, the DVD burners are cranking out copies of the high-res versions of the photos I posted, and the printer is chomping away, making them pretty as they come out of the burners.

These are available to people who are in the photo set, free of charge, for unlimited non-commercial use, as long as you credit me in any publication.
As for commercial use, if you make money from them, so should I.

I'll be sending copies automagically to scendan, targeter,  iamradar  and jadecat9 as soon as I have addresses confirmed. Anyone else, please email me a snailmail address and let me know which photos you are in.

Edited to add: I liked JohnO's copyright notice so much, I've adopted it:

If you are the primary subject of the image, you are granted rights to use the photo for personal use (web pages, photo albums, etc) and personal promotion (portfolios, resumes, etc), but not for sale. It is your responsibility to obtain releases from other persons depicted in the image. I request that credit be given and copies of any print materials be given to me. If used on the web, I request the URL.

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