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Another 2 am bedtime, but this time I slept like a log. Until 6:15 -- Spook was out of her BnB in a flash thinking I was getting up for real, but after a pit stop, I had another nap. Out of bed at 7:30, but somehow didn't make it out the door for an hour. Moving slowly, no good reason. Completely forgot to grab the new lens & the camera. A pity, it was a beautiful day. Maybe tomorrow.

Work was kind of fun, since there was actual work to do. We figured out that the machine I tested overnight was not updated enough to get any real testing done on it, but the programmer can look for ways to either fix that or at least stop the test as soon as it sees the wrong version number (which is SOP most other places) instead of uselessly cranking for 2 hours.

Then I hooked it up to a machine which did have the right version, and it only failed 3 tests out of > 200. 2 passed when I ran them by themselves, one failed again but if it's testing what I think it's testing, the TV doesn't have that feature. It's an easy fix to remove that test from the package.

Lunch was the small falafel serving with really plain hummus, not up to the usual Whole Foods standard. Dessert was the top half of a dark chocolate bunny. During my walk to the other building for lunch, I felt odd, maybe low blood sugar, maybe low BP. Made me a little nervous, but not enough to panic. By the end of lunch I was okay.

Medium sized tour group, looked to be high school pre-seniors. 10th grade, maybe. Very diverse - both ethnically and socio-economically. Some wore T-shirts and old jeans, some were in more expensive clothing. No suits, but one girl was in a full burka, expensive looking lavender colored, thick material. Maybe 800 thread count cotton. They came in quietly, but when they were let loose into the break room they were very noisy, and put a sizable dent in the fridge offerings. The Google guide was a looker.

Contractor called, he was done early with his other job in my park, so I gave him permission to start on mine.

No break, because baby sister phoned, returning my call. She wanted to know if we could get together when I do my Global Entry interview. We're set to do lunch. I need to make sure we get back to the airport in time, though.

I'm trying to remember, but I think SeaTac baggage claim is a short walk out to International Blvd, and then half a block to a couple of places to eat. Sharp's Roast House is the current name  according to Google maps.

Anyhow we talked for an hour and a half. 

On the road by 5:30, traffic was light but slow.

Home, nothing in the mailbox. Dropped my lunchbox off, put the new lens on the camera, and went out to take some photos of the roses. While I was shooting, a fire truck and an ambulance pulled up across the street. The couple who live there came out, looking fine, but after a while the emts carried out an elderly man I had never seen before, put him on a gurney and slid him into the back of the ambulance. He was awake, but having trouble breathing. In the interest of privacy, I only took this one photo of him:

The new lens' slow and erratic auto-focus made me miss some good bee shots, but once I got used to it, it wasn't so bad, and it made no diff for the flower pix.

Star of Bethlehem, which I think was pooped into place by a female Brewer's Black bird, will probably be a next year's calendar photo

And this rose isn't much to look at, but I'm very proud of it because for 2 years it was dying under a juniper bush and choked by invasive flowers, so I moved it to a well-composted spot in the front main garden. This is the first time it has ever bloomed

The rest of today's many photos are here.

Contractor didn't leave much evidence, just some wooden boards. He may have moved the stairs and cut the access hole as planned, or maybe not. 

Photos done, I changed the litterbox cartridge, emptied the dishwasher and made Marie C turkey & stuffing for dinner. Ice cream for dessert. Watched half a Match Game episode. WTF is Martha Stewart doing out of jail, anyway? The answers she gave were designed to not even come close to matching.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Maybe take the camera out for a spin. I'm thinking Googleplex and Shoreline Park.
Take the bike? If yes, I need to put air in the tires, find my helmet & gloves, and figure out how to attach the bike rack.
Get to bed at a reasonable hour


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