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Have to Remember to "Post to multiple sites"

Seamagic, the off-line editor I use for LJ and now DW has a feature which is non-intuitive. It allows logging into one or the other, but if I don't go to Journal --> post to multiple journals instead of just hitting "send" it only posts to the site I initially logged into. So if you see multiple post from me on one or the other which magically disappear, that's me forgetting, remembering, and then fixing the damage.
Struggled all day Friday with high Hgl readings - 150 before meals which should be ~ 100. So I was not surprised when I overshot my dinner and bedtime insulin, and woke up at about 2 am with a reading of ~ 60. Ice cream & honey, then chocolate milk helped. But when I measured after no breakfast or lunch (yet) at 1 pm, it was back at 150. Boo hiss.
Up briefly at 7:30 with the radio & lights, but turned them off and stayed in bed till 9. And then just out long enough for a pit stop and to give Spook some treats.

Plan A had been to pump up the bike tires, put the rack on the car and drive to Google and Shoreline Park and take pictures. But while Friday's temps were in the 70s, today was overcast and low 60s, very windy and looking like it might rain any minute. Not good lighting for photos.

The CEO of Levi Strauss said a couple of years ago that jeans were not meant to be washed, ever. But for Reasons™ they really do need a wash. My routine, before I heard the quote, was to wear the same jeans for a week, and change every Saturday. Apres-quote it's every other Saturday. Which was today.

Anticipating warm weather, I switched from jeans to jeans shorts (East coasters call them shorts, West coasters call them cut-offs. East coasters buy shorts which were manufactured to be above the knees, West coasters cut off their jeans at the knees to create the same effect. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.) 

Anyhow, I didn't have a Plan B. I ended up playing online a bit, Swiffered the kitchen, but it still looks dirty so I tried the steamer, but that didn't make a difference. I think it needs Professional Help. Tested the dozen eggs which have been in the fridge for weeks, the sell-by date, amazing but true, was last week. They all were still good so I hard boiled them. The break room has been intermittent in its HB egg supply lately.

Snacked on some wonderful French sheep milk cheese which I bought at Whole Wallet and can credit food experimenter extraordinaire susandennis with turning me on to, on ritz crackers (how redundant!) with lactose-free milk (doubly redundant!). That wasn't filling enough so I also nibbled on 4 oz of smoked Atlantic salmon, almost but not quite lox.

Watched the final episodes of Netflix's Stranger Things as I nibbled. Nominated for a Hugo, IMHO not worthy. So much Bad Acting. Way too much of it shot in the dark. No sense of humor. Completely unbelievable final episode. Many many interesting and intrguing Sci-fi elements, poorly executed. Also watched the half episode of Match Game from last night. It's obvious from the host's banter that they originally intended on each half being broadcast as a whole.

Got very bored, finally jumped into the car thinking of heading to the Mercado Starbucks, but changed my mind and went to the nearby park, playing Ingress. There's a series of portals spaced fairly evenly around the perimeter path. Most were held by blue with a single resonator and no mods, so I was able to capture all but one (I ran out of level 7 and 6 ammo and patience). Some linked, some wouldn't. But at least they all had 8 resonators when I was done.

It started to get chilly and windy by the time I made a loop, so I went back home. Napped in the recliner.

Reheated a packet of Kao Mok, using the paper towel routine to de-oil the rice.

The last of the Breyer's lactose-free chocolate ice cream was dessert.

Digression: In 3rd grade my teacher was a pleasant young woman who, IMHO, had no qualifications to be teaching anything to anyone past Kindergarten. I rememeber, in a moment of dyslexia, asking her if the thing eaten as a treat after a meal was the same spelling as the thing with sand dunes and cacti. She didn't know. She asked another teacher who happened to be passing by in the hall, who was able to supply the fact that one was spelled with one s, the other with two, but she didn't know which was which. I don't remember when I figured out that the sweet was the one with two, but I think it was by seeing Gobi Desert spelled in an old movie.
Shirts are in the dryer. They'll stay there till tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
If the weather is good, which doesn't look likely, go with Plan A from today, and meet Janice in San Mateo for an outdoor folk sing-along.
If the weather is as I epxect it to be, probably stay home, go to Starbucks at 5. Which Starbucks depends on whether she has decided to brave the cold and go to San Mateo or not

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