Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

...and then he remembered...

Two things I did today which I totally forgot to mention:

Spent at least an hour on the computer adding my Seattle flights to Google Kind and something I call "calen.doc". Back before smartphones, I carried a memo pad in my shirt pocket, glued to the inside front cover was a calendar for 3 months, just a square with the dates. Glued inside the back cover was a list of important to me phone numbers, and glued inside the last page(s) in the back were any travel plans. Flights or trains, hotels, frequent flyer/membership numbers. I typed all this into a Word doc, printed it out, cut it into memo pad lengths and widths and glued them in.

Now I keep the same format, but it's on the PC and uploaded to my laptop and phone. And now what used to be the phone number list is about 40 of my usernames and passwords. I don't need a phone number list anymore because I have Gmail contacts online and on my phone. I can merely say "Okay Google, call Bill Smith Mobile" and it will automagically dial Phil Simms at home. :-) Don't need the calendar for similar reasons.

After all the Seattle info was in, I added all my Helsinki info. Flights, hotel, Worldcon venue address, tram route from hotel to con, travel insurance phone number. Only calen.doc, Kind will get that once we're in late July.

Also updated my passport # and added my Finnair membership # and password

Then went to Finnair's web site and updated my profile with my passport info, and entered a claim for points using the ticket # for Helsinki.

I need to enter the Helsinki hotel's membership info on their site, but that can wait. 

Plans for tomorrow also includes getting to bed early, setting the alarm for 6 so I will be dressed and ready to move the car for the contractors by 7:30.


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