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Post Facto, Ergo Sum

Slept really well, despite having decided not to slap on a Breathe-right strip. There was a reason for that, at the time. The time was way early because I was getting up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 so I would have the car moved and ready for the contractors by 7:30. Actually beat the alarm by 10 minutes.

Spook was kind of freaked by that, because that's the time she always tries to get me out of bed to give her treats. And I always ignore her.

Showered and looked at the barometer and temp and clouds and switched my cut-offs for long jeans, and put on a black long sleeved shirt.

Drugged and out to the car at 7, moved it to one of the parking spaces down the block, but back at the house realized if I moved the garbage bins there was plenty of space to park in front of the house. It was only for an hour, nobody would notice, especially since the car isn't much wider than the bins. So I walked back and drove the car back, and parked in front.

7:30 became 7:40, 7:45 I phoned the contractor and he said "8 minutes". Boo. 

I signed the contract, min and max numbers for the re-leveling and associated stuff, and he said he would replace the kitchen bulbs for free. He showed me a scrawled estimet for the carport columns when I asked, it was a bit high, but I said to draw up a contract.

Off to work I went. 

Email from Boss, calendar item, I thought she was setting up a sync for 9:30, but she was actually saying she would not be there. Stupid Google calendar didn't delete the item, and I stuck around for an hour before looking again and seeing that it was not happening.

Nothing from Boss at all today, I worked more in depth with the new software.

Lunch was meatloaf & mashed, marinated olives and Famous Amos.  Many pretty women visited the break room, there was a class in session down the hall, employees, mostly young ones.

Testing YouTube today revealed a K-pop singer who has done some covers of American songs, and she sounds a lot like Whitney Houston. Powerful, clear voice, no accent. Ailee.

There were a couple of others: Tiffany, who is more of a powderpuff, and Hyolyn. And a girl group, Sistar, and a boy group EXO (wait for the harmony).

Break time couldn't come fast enough. Reading Henry James' Turn of the Screw, which I read in 10th grade, but didn't quite Get It. I remember my English teacher, Mrs. English, asking me what I thought of the book (I'd done a 1-paragraph review to show I'd read it) and I remember saying it sounded like it was one of those works where the author had a dream, and wrote it down. Re-reading it, I am surprised to say I may have been right.

Speaking of teachers, that 3rd grade teacher who didn't know how to spell desert/dessert has another anecdote. Mom was pregnant with youngest sister, and I knew it would be a sister, not a brother. I had two other June birthday sisters, my birthday is in November, so of course it would be a girl. This was before Science® stole that particular mystery from us. Teacher did the Reasonable Teacher thing, and made me aware that it was a 50-50 chance, and counseled me that I should not be surprised or disappointed when it was a boy. After all, two girls and one boy, the odds favored another boy. I understood that, intellectually, and even emotionally, but it was going to be a girl. She wasn't born until mid-June, school had been closed for two weeks, teachers had gone away for the summer. I was all set to "nyah-nyah" teacher on the first day of school the next year, but when I looked for her, she had not been hired back. I was devastated. Nyah-nyah wasted. I don't remember my 4th grade teacher at all.

I did ditch the previous book, The Forever Man 1 - Dystopian Apocalypse Adventure: Book 1: Pulse by Craig Zerf. Way too much detail about armament - most of it needless, but what got me throwing the thing in the toilet is his totally effed up ideas of how a US Marine talks. His protagonist is a Master Gunnery Sgt., assigned to head the guard at the American Embassy in London. IRL, an officer, not a non-com, would have that role. Zerf's Goodreads bio explains a lot of why he's so off-base with American protagonizing:

<i>C. Marten-Zerf (Craig Zerf) grew up in Africa and went on to become a fellow of Trinity College and an alumnus of Howard College** New York.
At the age of 16*** he was called up to the South African Defence Force and although many of his friends are now dead, he counts among the survivors various soldiers, gunrunners and warlords.
He is extremely proficient in the use of most small arms and has been in numerous fatal close-combat situations.
There is much in his life that he cannot talk about as it is hidden under the South African official secrets act that he signed in 1982.
As a result of these experiences - all of his thrillers are written from either direct knowledge or experience and much is based on actual events. This gives them a unique level of accuracy, reality and poignancy.</i>

**Howard College in NY is not related to Howard University in DC. It's a small community college.
***SA Defense doesn't call up anyone under 18

Contractor called, he was done except for needing me to run some water tomorrow morning and write him a check. He mentioned that the kitchen light fixtures were, as I suspected, broken.

Even though I was at work half an hour early, I left at my usual time, having updated firmware and started a test running.

Home, Spook came out of hiding, delivered was a major supply from Amazon of body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Contractor had understated the kitchen lights - now only one set work. :-( I will have to call someone else to replace the fixtures. He also completely forgot about the carport columns, I'm going to let him know in the morning not to worry about that, I'll find someone else. He wasn't too keen on doing it anyway.

He did fix all the doors, which was the main reason to have the house leveled. I'll ask him to see if he can get the office door to latch, not crucial if he cannot. All the other doors work.

Dinner was Marie C Herb roasted chicken. Need to buy more beef dinners.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. Not a lot of deals made this time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early again, move the car
Finish with the contractor & print a check for him
Call around for a quote on the light fixtures & carport columns.
Shopping for groc

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