Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Contractors paid and sent away

Woke up early again, took a shower early because the man said he needed to have water run through the main pipes to be sure the leveling didn't cause any leaks. Yesterday they were 45 minutes late, today they were 15 minutes early.

No leaks. He made excuses for half the kitchen lights no longer working after he tried to install the LED tubes. I saw he had mixed and matched the old bulbs when he put them back.

The estimate he gave originally was $1600, the contract said $1600-1800. When I went to print the check, and asked to confirm $1600, he said $1700. I didn't argue because it wasn't $1800 and could legally have been, but I told him to forget about installing the carport supports. He hadn't even ordered them yet, but was supposed to do that job today by our previous agreement.

I'm not feeling like I was taken - he did fix all the doors, including the one on the office which never had latched. And he installed some earthquake abatement gadgets, which he mapped out for me in writing in case it could be used to lower my insurance. I'm pretty sure it won't. Also, he had promised before and after "digital photos", but didn't take any.

I just won't be writing any reviews or recommending him, but I won't be filing complaints either. That's 3 out of 3 contractor experiences which didn't thrill.
At work half an hour early again, at least this time the keycard worked for the building with the snacks.

No word from Boss. I did manage to find another software update to test one TV with, and found that leaving the screen saver set to trigger at 5 minutes resulted in a bunch of failed tests. That's expected, if one uses hindsight.

Lunch was asian beef & rice, I added some cashews since there were two big jars of them on the snacks counter. Breakfast had been 2 bananas, a Kind bar, and an HB egg from home (none in the fridge at work).  A few pretty women made drive-by snacking moves.

After lunch I pinged one of the Partner partners in the big building about new software for the unit I'm supposed to test for him, but the link he sent I'm locked out of. He hadn't fixed that by the time I left.

Called a mobile home service company which had taken out a full page ad in the park's monthly magazine, and the nice lady said that will give me 25% off any services I buy. After some negotiating, I said okay, send someone for an estimate tomorrow between 10 and noon. I probably won't be missed at work. Boss is pretty good about these things anyway.

After work, Safeway, major frozen foods haul, and a big chunk of beef which was on sale for $4/lb. Home, put all the stuff away, Facebooked and at 8 tore myself away from the PC to make a Marie C chicken fried steak-ish dinner. While that was in the microwave I started slicing the slab 'o' beef into Thai curry sized bits. There are now 3 1-quart freezer bags in the freezer filled with beef slices. The plan is to marinate one in Penang curry, and another in green curry. Eventually. I was getting tired of chicken.

Watched a full episode of Match Game,  and the questions continue to be horrible. But the contestant answers are worse. One thing which evens out the odds is there is always a panelist or two who try to be clever instead of trying to match. But today, the winner only won with 1 match, and it was the last panelist. Possibly fishy. Contestant didn't win any $ on his own, they gave him $1k for being the finalist.

No deliveries, only ads in the mailbox.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up at my usual 7:30, don't rush.
Hope the estimator arrives at 10, not staying a minute past noon for him.
Avoid the main campus - it's take a k-3 to work day. Thursday is 4-6

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