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Today's Youtube fun was finally being bored with Korean girl groups, or maybe the word is frustrated. The way they do their videos is they have about 11 sets of costumes, and they apparently have performed the whole number in all 11 of them, and then the editor snips them so that you only see between 1 and 3 seconds at a time before another costume appears. And it's shuffle mode, no discernible order. The boredom part is Korean TV seems to have cracked down on costume limits - used to be leotards, one-piece camel toe swim suits and bikinis were allowed, this year I'm not seeing anything more risqué than gym shorts.

I tried Thai girl groups, but they are not as pretty or anywhere near as in shape, and their choreography is lame (mostly hand-ography). Hong Kong had some okay groups, but again not as pretty as Korea. So I switched gears and went for asians who sing well, especially in English. And found some in the Philippines. In fact, at least two are following in the footsteps of Lea Salonga, getting roles on Broadway.

Rachelle Ann Go:

Sarah Geronimo with a favorite from They're Playing Our Song:

Jonalyn Viray:


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