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Almost Forgot Dinner was half-done in the microwave

Blame Facebook. Or Canada.
Slept well, not many wake-ups. Again 6:15 was one of them, just enough time to nap before the 7:30 alarms. AG phoned while I was in the shower, I forgot to call back when I got on the road.

Been adjusting my insulin dosage. The new meter takes so little sample and bluetooth connects to a phone app, so I have more data now. And it's disturbing how high my pre-meal readings are. So I've upped the pre-meal fast-acting dose. Too soon to tell for sure, but seems to be working.

At work on time, the electronic lock was not active. Boss had me file a "fixit ticket" on it to get my keycard on the ACL. Since it isn't an official building or a standard company keycard sensor, They are stumped. Meanwhile, Boss is working on getting locks on the lab doors, the kind that need a code punched in, since the building is not on the corporate security network.

Finished the main tests on the Latvian box, and then ran the new automation script on it. Boss shared both results with the appropriate people, partly to share the results and partly to justify my existence. We've had a lot of down time lately, but that comes with being at the whim of third party manufacturers' schedules and slippages. I'm having fun with these units from all over Europe and Asia. Rumor is there is one from Thailand in the works.

Speaking of which, Peace Corps "World Wise" program sent my name to MV library as a possible speaker in June. I started to email the contact at the library, but found myself tooting my own horn way too pompously. Will try again later, with a pinch of humility. Hard to do when the topic is Making The World A Better Place. Which I did, twice, but I didn't see the results for 15 years, and I was a tiny part of a huge project in both cases. Both projects continue to bear fruit now, 40 years later.

Contract company called, they estimate the work will be done the week of May 8. I need to call back, I don't think they are planning on installing the kind of kitchen light fixtures I want. The guy was talking about needing to install a different kind of ballast, and I was aiming for direct-line, no-ballast lighting.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini, added some string cheese and cashews. Famous Amos & generic chocolate pudding for dessert. Marinated olives appetizer. A couple of redheads passed through, one with a tour, the other with a child. Much less impactful second day of "inflict your offspring on unsuspecting co-workers" day. The morning session across from the break room was "Dinosaurs Rock" with an inflatable mini bronto in front of the room.

Afternoon break was almost deserted. Turn of the Screw is surprising me by my not really remembering what I read in 10th grade, but the story more and more matching what I told my English teacher about it. I remember that conversation mostly because out of the 100 or so books I read that year, it was the only one I didn't really understand. We also talked about Catch 22 and On The Beach (which to this day my brain automatically adds "by Nevil Shute") but those I Got®, so no BS required.

NASA announced USPS is coming out with a special Forever stamp for the next solar eclipse which will show the sun, but when you put your hand on it and heat it up, it will turn into the dark disc of the moon. I looked on usps.com, it's not listed yet. NASA article said it will ship in June, on whatever day the eclipse is, from somewhere like Montana.

Home, lots of slow traffic, I took the longer of the three turns at the IFH. Less waiting, minimal additional distance.

Nothing in the mailbox, nothing delivered. Yesterday morning there was a 3-month supply of low-acting insulin and in the evening three litterbox refills.

Spent about an hour on the couch with the big bag of mint clippings, and now have two quart bags of mint leaves in the freezer. Tomorrow's project is to do something similar with the rosemary clippings, but probably will just cut them into similar lengths and make up bunches. Maybe.

Watched the NFL draft on SlingTV as I worked. Way too many commercials. The NFL channel has it together, though, instant clips of the players as they are drafted, on-stage interviews with them by Dione Sanders, and some analysis of how that pick helps the team. One of the analysts has way too big a problem with teams drafting injured players, totally forgetting that (a) the season doesn't start next week and (b) better to have NFL team doctors than some GP or even college team doctor help the guy heal. And (c) the draft is a long term investment, instant gratification is not an item.

Dinner was Maire C beef & mashed, lactose-free chocolate ice cream for dessert, nothing added. Shot up an extra 10 units of high-test.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call AG when I get on the road
Work. There's another device on my to-do list, but Boss hasn't told me she has it.
Friday! Look into driving to Suisun City for the Western RR Museum wildflower train ride. Sunday.
call the contractor

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