Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Herbal & audio Missions accomplished

Slept well, but yet again woke at 6:15. Spook continues her fascination with the shower.

AG called while I was in the shower again. I called him back when I was in the car, but he was early to work so it was a short call, apparently he had a boss' boss meeting at 9.

Morning break room was very active, I had to shoo a few people away from in front of the drawers where the snacks are kept. They had no idea, until I opened the drawers. They were too intent on drinking the espressos they had made with the fancy barista machine. I do not understand how anyone would go to that much trouble to sip mud-colored water which has passed through a slurry of ground beans. Unless it was chocolate.

Some lookers in that crowd, so I forgave them.

Work was boring, all I had to do was one update to the other day's test spreadsheet. Still don't have access to the files I need from M. Got a new build for another device and ran the automation scripts on it. Nothing new.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini with Tillamook jalapeño cheddar, cashews and an HB egg added. It was a tiny bit more spicy than I'd expected, and I was blaming the cheese until later, when I discovered that the reason there were two jars of cashews on the counter is one was peppered. WTF?

More visitors during lunch, this time a tour group made up of a dozen burly young men, led by a tiny employee. She may have been Thai. Less than 5' tall, maybe 80 lbs. Asian face.

Called the contractors and left a message to call me back about the kitchen lights, but they didn't.

Watched Youtube footage of yesterday's NFL draft, 49ers coverage mostly, until 4, then fired up SlingTV on one of the test machines, logged in as me, and watched round 2 live until 5:30.

Straight home, took an alternate back street route, more direct than the usual one. One very long light at the street the IFH crosses, about a mile up the road, other side of 101.

Delivered was an LP and a box of breathe-right strips.
Went inside just long enough to get a shopping bag, and harvested a lot of rose petals, mostly yellow ones, they smell the best. The red ones don't have much scent.

First project was the big bag of rosemary, I separated out the branches into single strips, and eventually had two quart ziplocs full, which went into the freezer. The trash bag is now about 1/3 full, with the mint, oregano and rosemary bits which were not up to edible standards.

Next project was the LP. The Rothschilds, a 1970 musical by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick. They also wrote Fiddler on the Roof, and the show sounds like it. I'll be using a song from it next month as my Fiddler audition piece. The phonograph is already set up, I watched the NFL draft for half an hour at a time as the PC recorded each side of the LP. It was pretty easy to chop those two files into individual songs and then batch convert them from large wav format to mp3.

Yanked the USB drive out of the car and added those, but first time around I had forgotten I needed to set the album name in "properties" and give each one a track #, and also add the singer(s) to the song name. Back in the car, I am able to call them up by artist, genre, album or title. Win! While I was at it, I gave the USB drive a name so the car didn't say "UNKNOWN".

Caught the dregs of the draft over dinner. Marie C chicken fried ground beef patty. The string beans were huge.

More draft action tomorrow afternoon, I may or may not tune in.

Processed the skate park photos and uploaded them to Flickr. Some good ones. Here are a couple:

Plans for tomorrow:
NFL draft? Maybe check out The Boardwalk for that. It starts at 10 am, lasts all afternoon.
Karaoke meetup in the evening. It was a lot of fun last time, 3 months ago.

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