Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Singin' - no rain

Had a good night's sleep, Spook slept elsewhere. Stayed in bed till 9 because I could, though morning Hgl was low, about 74. Usually I feel it, not this time.

Mostly did things online all morning, tried watching the NFL draft, but the NFL channel I paid extra for was stopping every 3 minutes to play 15 minutes of commercials, during which a line on the bottom of the screen announced each pick. During the 3 minutes of actual show, it was a panel of middle aged white guys discussing their clothes, what they had to eat today and basically not doing their job.

Had lunch - an "everything" bagel, soft sheep milk cheese as cream cheese, HB egg sliced, some lox. Yum! 

At about 1:30  drove to Boardwalk as planned, had a chocolate shake and an order of fries.  The shake was a FAIL, looked the same as a Carl's Jr. shake, half the size it should have been, topped with whipped cream, solid soft serve too thick to drink. The fries were good. Served with a tiny tub of chipotle something which I set aside. Ketchup in the bottle had been diluted. They had the NFL channel on, probably from cable, higher quality than SlingTV gave me.

The obligatory rape-screaming baby was there. Precocious, because the local cops don't teach that scream until the kid is in grade school.

This incarnation of The Boardwalk is much smaller, cleaner and organized than the old one.

Home, spent some time looking up names & numbers for the karaoke songs I wanted to sing. Took a nap in the recliner.

Just before 6 I headed for the church in Campbell where the meetup was, there's no quick way to get there from here, I arrived about 6:30.

Paid $10 for entry + 6 extra tickets. A ticket buys a song or a drink or snack.

Many good singers, some interesting/obscure song choices. The DJ was on top of things, it moved right along. The lack of booze, background noise and people hanging out by the doors smoking was a huge plus.

I did three songs - two on my own tickets and one "challenge". Anthem was my first number and I knocked it out of the park, though I had to drop the Big Ending an octave to do so. Second was With One Look which I screwed up a little when the machine chose a different tempo for the bridge than I'm used to, but I managed to save it in the end. The challenge was Some Enchanted Evening, which I started straight but snuck in a bit of French accent later. Nailed it too. At about 9:30 when I hadn't been called up for my 3rd ticket song, and the three singers coming up were all painful to listen to, I hugged the DJ goodbye and went home.

My project for next month is to practice Aladdin's Proud of Your Boy until I don't break down crying anymore.

I was a difficult boy for my mother to raise. One of the Stupid Things™ Mom's hospice care psychologist did was have her write letters to us kids, and maybe Dad too, which were given to us by said psycho while we were sitting shiva for Mom. I set it aside, almost threw it away. When I finally read it a couple of weeks later, it basically said what this song says. When I hear the song it reminds me, and when I try to sing it, I can't. Yet.

I know with practice and time I'll be able to do it justice. I managed to do that with Errol Flynn, a song which had a similar impact on me, for similar reasons, though my Dad was neither an actor, liar or drunkard.

Dinner was a late mac-and-3-cheese with turkey dog slices and fresh frozen oregano. My chef's knife is very sharp, a little slip as I pulled it out of the block caught the junction of my index finger and palm. Blue ice, peroxide and a bandaid made it stop bleeding.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get up & out in time to make the 90-minute drive to Suisun City's Western Railway Museum for the last day of the wildflower tour train. Sadly, Amtrak doesn't go there, though there is a stop for Suisun City/Fairfield.
Plan B might be getting the bike out and taking it to Shoreline park.
Temps in the 80s again predicted.

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