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Long Time Passing

Except for waking up an hour after I got to sleep and thinking it was almost a full night, I slept well. When I woke up at 6-ish Spook was in the BnB with her front leg stretched toward me. It was not a hint.

I was up and ready to go at 8, but my innards were not. I have learned to trust my gut, so to speak. When I get into the car, if there is any hint of tummy foo, I go back inside and deal with it. This morning it needed two trips & extra immodium and lactase.

Punched the destination into the car's GPS, it knew where the Western Railway Museum was and how to get there. As advertised, it took an hour and a half.

Easy enough to find, but the last stretch of Hwy 12, about 10 miles of it, is all torn up - ruts of crumbled asphalt where the tires want to go and concrete barriers to keep traffic off the shoulders and center line. Nasty. And making things worse is most people are driving 70 on this 55 mph - in the best of times - road.

The museum building is modern, clean, has a series of exhibits about electricity and the 1900's era RR system, which was very impressive. Train ferries made Sacto to SF train rides possible and pretty fast.

$9 admission for old farts, $10 for younger farts. A ticket to the "wildflower excursion" train is included. I got there at about 11:30, the next train was at 12:30. I hit the loo, then bought a Payday bar and a box of apple juice at the cafe. Took a walk through the barn where the collection of trolleys is kept. They are all in storage, only one or two allows people to board. Most are in seriously dilapidated condition.

Volunteers have done an incredible job of restoring an electric engine/car and three more vintage passenger cars for the excursion rides.

It was a short trip, similar to the Niles Canyon ride but without the rugged terrain. Very pastoral, rolling hillsides dotted with 3-wing wind catchers.

Except for the parlor car ($7 extra) the windows are all barred, and they don't open high enough to take pictures. The other bad news is there were no wildflowers except for a small field of gold-somethings at the end.

There was a conductor who gave a couple of short talks about the history of the trains and the track we were on, which would have been better if he hadn't been fighting a noisy engine starting up. There wasn't a word about the flowers. They had flyers showing about 20 varieties, but those were not visible on the ride. I saw some thistle...

Took a trip through the main building displays and gift shop, lots of t-shirts and other train attire, and a huge selection of wooden track to buy for the kiddies, who would get bored in an hour because they are kid-propelled. The model electric train exhibit was out of order. Of course.

Took the long drive home in one fell swoop, though I had considered stopping for a meal somewhere along the way.

Home, made 4 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast, uploaded the photos, then onto the bed (Spook was in the BnB) to read. Spook climbed out of the BnB and sprawled out between it and my legs. That didn't last long.

It was early yet, my body was sore from 3 hours of driving, so I looked up a new massage place. Not really new, it had been in the shopping center next to the UPS store for ages, but the ad showed it is under new management. Went for the 4-hands special, and that turned out pretty nice. They were speaking something which sounded like, but wasn't, Korean to each other, tried to tell me it was Cantonese and they were from Northern China. No dear, Cantonese is southern and Singapore. No matter, pleasant people, good rub.

Home, dinner was 4 of 5 Koa Mok Gai packets. Ice cream dessert. Watching a series on Netflix called Dark Matter. Excellent use of sexy, powerful, technical women. Crappy use of he-man cross between Mal and Jayne. Mostly Jayne. Sexy android rip-off of Seven Of Nine. And yes, she's the 7th crew member.

Plans for tomorrow:

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