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Maybe The DW Experiment is done

People just aren't posting. Or reading.

Meanwhile of the handful of people I read regularly on LJ, only one has posted on DW, and not for a week.
Happy May Fools Day. I only have two calendars in the house which needed flipping. One of my unemployment austerity moves was to not buy any NFL cheerleader calendars for 2017-18. I may rethink that, since they are usually 18-month calendars, and are relatively inexpensive.
Typical night, Spook did her 6 am walkover at 7:30 when the lights came on. I wasn't feeling like playing that game, read a chapter in the latest free book, took a shower (an she barged into it as I was exiting).

Wearing jeans shorts & Tevas, since it was supposed to get hot. 57° in the morning, but 92° at 5:30 on my way to get a haircut.

Work was uncomfortable. The building is not air conditioned (or heated, for that matter). But we're on the ground floor of a 2-story building, so not so bad.

I was asked to test a unit I'd never heard of, turns out it's from the guys next door, and manager asked me to connect with them to get one. I connected, they promised one today, but didn't deliver. Typical.

Found a Youtube channel which I loved. The Thai show "I Can See Your Voice" is a 90-minute program with about 30 minutes of actual content. The channel I found edits the show down to only one contestant (each show has 6) and a minimum of celebrity panel chatter. The format of the channel is a special guest star sings a song, and the contestant joins in. Just before the contestant starts singing, they pause, and play a clip of each celebrity guessing, from a 1-second excerpt of the contestant's audition tape, whether the contestant has a beautiful voice or an annoying one. So far, each contestant on this edited channel sings as well as, or better than, the guest star. And being the polite society Thailand is, the guest star gives full props to the contestant, and it may end up in a duet, and usually hugs all around. To add to the confusion, each contestant is dressed and made up for a costume party. Some of the costumes are elegant, some are Walking Dead. Few match the quality of the singer.

Here's one of my favorites:

love the outfit.

This guy blew away the guest star:

The encore is funny, the MC says this guy had 121,000 views on YouTube for that song, the guest star was asked how many his original had, and he said 200.

Lunch, Asian beef. Lots of people in the break room. Break time I tried the Italian sodas for a change. The free book I'm reading was making no sense, so the author pulled a twin sister out of her butt. I am not amused.

Very warm day, so straight from work I went to Great Clips for a haircut. Then walked around Piazza's grocery, which used to have all the cheeses, but they remodeled and now they have all the meats and only a Safeway selection of cheeses. And the prices are NASA-worthy. $5 for Ghirardelli chocolate squares on sale which are $3.50 everywhere else. They also got rid of the Jewish food freezer. Used to get matzoh balls there. I didn't buy anything but the air conditioning was nice.

Home, too hot to cook, had a bagel with sheep cream cheese, velveeta, sardines, sliced HB egg and lox. Ice cream for dessert. Shot up extra insulin because although I prepared two syringes this morning, I forgot to bring them to work.

Watched an episode of Graham, Norton. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, plus a star struck Hunger Games gal and a young Brit actor who had been in the same film as Freeman but never met him (they had no scenes together).

Plans for tomorrow:

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