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Okay, back to LJ-Only

Nasty night of much waking up, looking at the clock and WTF-ing. Despite being awake 15 minutes before the alarm, I just couldn't get out of bed, took a very quick shower (was going to skip it, but then the annoying little hairs from the haircut reminded me).

Usually, when the car is fully charged, it pushes a notification to my cell phone and tablet, but by one of those wake-ups at about 3 am it had not done so. The screen for the app said it was waiting to charge. It said it was scheduled to charge from 7:30 pm to 3 am. Which it had not.  There is a feature built into the car and accessed through the app called "value charge" for people/places where electricity costs more during the day than overnight. I'm not subject to that, so I don't use the feature. Somehow the car thought I did.

When I got out to the charger, it showed two alarms, one for the wall outlet and one for the vehicle. Hmmm.

Was not on the road till 8:45. Managed to be at work at 9:05. Once again, no diet Coke in the break room. Cherry diet, caffeine free diet, zero, green (splenda sweetened), diet & regular Mountain Dew, regular Coke, all the Pepsi products, a metric ton of bottled water and a bunch of designer waters and sodas. But no plain diet Coke.

Grabbed a diet Mountain Dew, a banana and a Kind bar, and a packet of baby carrots and some hummus dip. Did not grab an egg because I brought one from home.

Boring boring boring morning.

Spaghetti & meatballs for lunch, Famous Amos for dessert, and a handful of M&Ms to snack on later at my desk. Lots of people, some serious lookers, and some Guidos.

Boring boring boring afternoon. No break, because at break time partner manager for the guys next door came in to meet with them. I was expecting him to get them to put together a machine for me, but that didn't happen.

I was so bored I wrote a shell script to automate the many-step process of installing a new build on an Android TV. It took an hour to find a shell command which meant "wait till the previous command has executed". But once I found it, building the script was just a cut and paste job. Tested it, was amazed it worked first time.

5:30, drove to the garage and plugged the car in. No problems with the charger. I went upstairs with my laptop till 6:30, looked at the soups in the main cafeteria, and none of them were appealing. I went across the way to another eatery which had advertised split pea & ham, but they had two other soups, so I got a chocolate ice cream cone instead. The sandwich place two buildings over had split pea water, no ham.

Captured two neutral portals. They won't last.

Back to the car about 7, 80% charged, no errors.

Home, decided to blame the wi-fi switch which lets me remotely turn off the charger. Took that out of the loop, but in order to connect straight to the wall I had to move the mounting screws over. So far it's charging just fine, will check in the morning. I may need to unplug it during the day, which is a PIA. Maybe I can get a short heavy duty extension cord. The one I had been using was meant for a computer appliance, not large enough guage wire.

Dinner was Marie C beef & mashed, frozen mango chunks for dessert. Watched another episode of Dark Matter. Waiting for it to get more sexed up.

Ziplocked most of the dried rose petals for little sister. Need to put the rest in another bag for me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Orchard or Home Depot for that cord.

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