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Three on a match

Three friends reported having surgery. Two reported their own, one a relative's. One surgery was today, the others were past tense.
Sleep was quite good except I forgot the breathe-right strip, and had episodes of almost waking up because I was snoring.

Spook's thing with the shower is not about wanting to be doused. But I think she could use a bath. I value my life more than to try giving her one. She would need to be sedated by blow dart first. I've taken other cats to be washed, but none of those people knew how to handle a scared cat.

I was late out of bed again, 15 minutes late to work, and Boss messaged me she was coming down to do our sync,  she had a new unit for me to test. And that was the last I heard from her. I think tomorrow I may start out at the big building and - wait, she usually is in another town on Thursdays. There's a team meeting at 2 I may go to, I'll have to walk. It was close to 100° today, but the air con in my building is not working. The partner manager for the engineers next door filed a ticket with facilities, which claimed they had fixed it Monday (they had not, Monday morning was chilly). I added my 2 cents to the ticket.

Contractor's admin called, she said the MICR numbers were not on the check I'd given them. Bizarre, I had printed three checks this week, the other two cleared. She'll send it back, and I'll replace it using the envelope she'll include. More later. **

M finally gave me access to the builds for the reference STB. I flashed it, and ran some tests, but I may have missed a step, it kept rebooting. I beat up on it all afternoon. Extremely hot in the room.

Lunch was beef & broccoli, I added cow brand soft cheese and cashews. Pretty busy.

Break time was hijacked by someone who set up a monitor and laptop in the middle of the break room and was jabbering to about 30 people about how expensive and complicated it was to get a manufacturer to build a display. Total BS. Aimed at young naive Googlers, "you have to have a dream and stuck to it" kind of talk. Because it costs $20 million to tool up to build a display. All the time he was talking, the only thing on the monitor was the word "Displays" in white on a blue background. Idiot.

I got a cup of ice water and took it outside the break room to a kind of sofa section and read my book.

Notification on my phone saying my Smart Hub was offline. The app confirmed it, and also got nothing from the webcams. I called Comcast to reset the cable modem, and that cleared it up.

Book has gotten too complicated. She is trying to bring six different sets of characters together, and it's started to not work.

5:30, took the alternate back road, but forgot to make a turn and got onto Central the wrong direction. Luckily the first exit was that turn. Stopped off at Lucky's to buy ginger, shallots and bananas, and "something to make cold sandwiches with". Ended up spending $120 because my favorite frozen dinners were on sale, they had several flavors of Lactaid ice cream, dark chocolate squares by G were half price and I had finally found an easy traditional Southern fried chicken recipe, so I bought wings & drumsticks in bulk. Whose idea was panko, anyway? That stuff sucks. Nobody sells real fried chicken anymore, the only place I've seen it is Sizzler's salad bar junk food section.

Home, put stuff away. No mail, no deliveries. Checked online to see if I could track the pawpaw plants I ordered, but they don't do tracking. They do say 2 weeks from ordering to shipping, and it's only been a week and a half.

The only other delivery I'm expecting is some Thai CDs, shipped by slow boat.

There had been a power outage, all the clocks were off or blinking, even the ones with backup batteries. Had to power cycle the google home box to get it back online.

Fiddler producer emailed the list to set expectations. More than 100 have signed up for auditions, so not everyone will be cast. Maybe 30 will, I expect. I would like to be in it but I won't be heartbroken if they decide they need an all-dancing male ensemble.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & mashed. Lactaid mint chocolate chip for dessert. Vanilla ice cream with mint flavored dark chocolate chips. Pretty good.

**Tried to reprint the contractor's check, and the preview showed the MICR line was out of whack. I re-installed the check printing software, and now it won't connect with Quicken at all. That was an issue with them some time back, but the patch for it didn't work this time. They haven't updated the product since 2014. I need to find something which can print checks on blanks, including the MICR (routing info) line. Quicken still wants you to buy pre-printed from them. I like to design my own.

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