Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Warmed Again

Turns out the program manager for the Engineers next door filed a ticket about the air con. Facilities person claimed they fixed it Monday, but I don't think so. The case is still marked "working on it". It was cool most of the day, only got up to about 80° by EOD, so with a window open and a fan on, it was tolerable. But I took mu time at lunch and break across the street, where the thermostat was set to 72.
Slept way too well. I had tossed the BnB onto the floor, Spook did sleep on the bed for a bit, but bailed for the guest room early. Once again, I had to dodge her as I left the shower.

Been adjusting my insulin, getting better results upping the pre-meal high-test and lowering the baseline low-grade.

Lots of visitors to the complex today, not just the break room building. Funnier than anything was a bunch of quasi-Suits, men and women wearing suit jackets but no ties and maybe not matching pants. They were all smiles walking down the sidewalk towards the company store, and half an hour later looking grim and tired walking back toward the main complex, empty-handed. There isn't much worth buying in the company store. An nothing that can't be bought online.

Emailed the programmer that I was able to crash a machine with a particular test. He was going to try it on his box.

Pulled my passport out of the fireproof box, and added it to the tiny pile of Saturday trip stuff on the photograph. Took the ziploc of rose petals, placed it on a table and piled two books and a couple of small exercise weights on top of it. It ought to be pressed by Saturday AM. I am not thrilled at having to wake up at 5 am to get to the airport in time.

After work, Capri Nail Spa, three days late for my manicure. Very pregnant manicurist, she said she is working there because they have done away with the toxic chemicals. It was a half hour wait, there was one very beautiful young woman to look at in a pedicure chair across the way.

From there to OSH, found the heavy duty extension cable after a lot of looking, they did not have a 1:1 version, I had to settle for 1:3. Also bought a jug of softsoap refill, and some beef jerky. Wandered around the garden department looking at ornaments. There were three or four I could see putting in the front garden, but my hands were full and they weighed a lot. And the $50 price tag was also a bit extreme.

Home via 101, it would have been quicker if the car in front of me had realized she was on a freeway and accelerated accordingly.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & pasta, to which I added a slice of Swiss and some Parmesan. Dessert was Breyers lactose-free ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Straight home
Gather things for the trip.
Try to get to bed early.

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