Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly, Early

Fitful night, took forever to get to sleep. Had a moment of "what if I don't wake up?" which popped me awake.

Spook started on the bed, but then went to the cat bed on the floor which had been the BnB. By wake up time she was nowhere to be seen. Maybe under the futon in the guest room. Took her a while to come out. She did occupy the shower after I was done.

Packed all the things in the cooler so I wouldn't need to go to the break room for breakfast stuff. No idea why.

Busy morning, juggling bug reports from two different STBs. I had a local one and a European one plugged into the Chinese TV. They European people lied, they had not upgraded the software. The local guy finally got back to me near lunchtime telling me the flavor of software I needed. Loaded that and no more bug. Meanwhile, Europe Guy told me a way to get music into Google Music Play, but it took a lot of work and translating the Google Help file to get there. But now my test account has about 1500 songs on it.

Lunch was Chicken a la king, one of my first comfort foods. Mom used to buy these boilable packets of them. I think I only managed to set one on fire.

And the rest of the day was kind of boring, except break time was enhanced by three different groups of college-aged and newbie-aged people. Disappointing that only about 1/4 were of the female persuasion. All three of my sisters have had technical jobs, though only one of them was formally trained as an engineer.

Straight home, in the mailbox was the deposit check I'd printed for the contractors, and sure enough, it was missing the line at the bottom with the routing info. Email from Avanquest, which makes my check printing software, asking me what build I had, which was somewhat silly because their form asked for that too. But not so silly because the Help/about box shows version 13 but I have version 14 (which shows in Control Panel/Programs).

The weather has suddenly turned colder, cloudy and windy. Looking at Seattle weather, it will probably be wet and even colder. I have my Husky Marching Band Alumni waterproof hoodie jacket out, But I may decide to go with my ancient Seattle Sonics jacket, which is not waterproof but more subtle.

Plans for tonight:
Early to bed
Enable the 5 am alarm

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 5, out the door by 5:45
Be at Doubletree SJ by 6, leave the car with valet parking
Hotel shuttle to SJC
7:30 flight to SEA
Light breakfast in the airport
Meet sister for lunch
Global Entry interview at 2:45
Return flight at 6:20 pm
Home by 9-ish

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