Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Recovery Day

Crashed hard last night after a day I had been anticipating for about a month. Yesterday went well enough, all the things accomplished, some timings not as good as they could have been, but the main reason for the trip went smoothly with the best results.
There are a lot of redheads in Seattle. Seattle women wear too much clothing.

Slept long and deeply. Spook was both on the bed and in the BnB. She was gone when I finally got out of bed at 9, but she came back to obsess over the shower drain. We played head butt, followed by Spook's special brand of petting, in which she walks under my hand, I hold it against her back as she walks her length, and I gently wrap my hand around her tail as she continues to walk. Then she circles back and repeats until she is bored.
Started a load of laundry, bedding first, then jeans & heavy stuff. With the jeans in the wash and the bedding in the dryer I drove to the ATM, got some cash, then to the car wash, which now costs $21 with the coupon, claiming it is $17 off the regular price. When I first started using this car wash, the coupon was for $12 and claimed $8 off. I'm giving a smaller % tip nowadays because I'm pretty sure most of the price increase is going to better wages.
As usual, they got the car clean, did not put the mats back where they belonged, and left the driver's seat set for a midget.
On to the massage place across the street, but I had to drive 3 blocks to get there because the car wash parked my car on the other side of the property, the wrong side of a divided street.

Excellent massage, though a bit too hard. Elbows and forearms are not my favorite massage tools. Very pretty masseuse, spoke American English like she was born here, but also spoke some Asian language as well. Sounded like Korean or a northern Chinese dialect.
Non-PC observation. I have many many friends and acquaintances from all over the world.  Speaking strictly from my personal observations (YMMV), Koreans are the only ones who consistantly learn to speak English with and American accent well enough to be called native speakers. This includes all the other Asian Asian countries, Brits, Canadians, the former Soviet bloc, Scandinavia, South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East. 

Many foreigners can sing with an American accent if they are covering an American singer's song, but once they start to converse, their accents return.

There are some rare individuals who can (I know of one Thai who lives in N. America), but in general it's rare.

I wonder why Koreans.
Home after the massage, made a turkey salami sandwich for lunch. Watched an episode of Elementary.  

Did some research and found another check printing app which will work with Quicken, in case Avanquest doesn't solve the problem with Check Designer. I may switch anyway, since Check Designer hasn't been updated in 3 years.

Went to Shoreline Starbucks to meet with Janice. Got there 15 minutes early. About 10 minutes after she did not show up, she messaged me, she was at a different Starbucks. So I took my frappuchino there. She had large laundry items and needed to use the nearby laundromat.

Home, dinner was Boston Market beef & pasta to which I added Havarti and Parmesan. Watched Match Game. The contestants continue to choose oddball answers, and the panelists go for the laughs instead of the win. It's sad when the winner has only one match.

Opened the dryer, and the shirts were still wet. One got tangled in the door catch, and the dryer shut itself off. Fixed that. The jeans and shirts are now dry and on the bed, the stuffed calico cat and teddy bear are in the dryer and the whites are in the washer. I need to finish both tonight because the park is shutting off power at 8:30 tomorrow morning for maintenance. Probably a knee-jerk response to an outage we had last week.

Also doing a load in the dishwasher because I'm out of knives.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be out of the house before the lights go out
Maybe go to the big building to grab a unit from Boss
Maybe home, set all the clocks. Again.

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