Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Hgl crash

Thought I had it under control, but shot up too much "regular" last night and had a very low 61 reading at 1 am. Lactaid ice cream to the rescue. Overshot that and was at 172 by 8 am.

Other than being so zonked at 1 am that my vision was pulsating with my heartbeat, I slept well. It happened early enough that there wasn't a big energy drain by the time I needed to leave for work.

Got out of the house at 8, because of the scheduled power outage at 8:30. Monitoring my webcams and smart hub, the power went out right on time, but did not come up at 1, it was 1:30 before I got the notice from the hub.

AG called at about 8:20, I was almost at work by then, though traffic was very slow. Commuter lane was slow too, I didn't stay in it long. Many large vehicles in the commuter lanes which did not belong there - dump trucks and such who are carrying two people, so they think they are a car pool.

Kept chatting in the parking lot well after arrival. About 8:45 I said goodbye and grabbed a banana and HB egg from the break room.

Checked email, Boss was going to be late - her bike had a flat. On the way, looking down at the trail, even that was slow and lots of traffic.

No word from Boss after that, I did ad hoc testing on three devices. My test account now has 1500 of my favorite tunes on it.

Sent a note to a partner manager to let him know something worked which is related to something else which didn't.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini. Lots of eye candy.

Break time also had some drive-by eye candy.

Not sure if the air conditioner is working yet, it was fairly windy and not very hot outside. My room seemed hotter than it should have been.

Home at 5:30. Took back roads II, my car data says it's half a mile longer than back roads I more than a mile longer than freeway to work. Freeway from work is longer than to work because there is no parallel entrance to the exit I take.

Went around the house setting clocks. A PIA. Even two which have backup batteries were way off. One was 2 hours ahead.

Expected to hear from the contractors today, but didn't.

Avanquest sent email that my software should be able to update now, and it was. But it took SIX updates to get it to the current build level. I will be switching to Versasoft, which has a 2017 release. Had to pay more to get the level which links to Quicken. And I'll have to redesign my checks all over again. But I'm done with poorly supported, out of date Checksoft.

The reason I went with them in the first place (2007) is they were the only ones which linked to Quicken and could print the MICR line (that computer font at the bottom of the check with the routing, account and check number). Back then Versa wanted to sell you either pre-printed checks (a major security issue) or magnetic ink (a needless expense which could jam your inkjet printer). Now Versa prints the MICR line on generic blanks using regular black ink - the banks use optical scanners now, not magnetic.

Major embarrassment on FB, I introduced two Peace Corps alumni friends, thinking they both served in the same country. But one was in Uzbekistan, the other in Ukraine.

Dinner was a toasted "everything" bagel with melted Havarti, onion, lettuce and turkey salami with marinated artichoke hearts and olives on the side. I need to hit the Indian/Mexican/Arab market for more of those lovely olives, there's plenty of marinade left. Chomped a bunch of pistachios as an appetizer.

Watched the last hour of the last episode of Genealogy Roadshow. It looks like PBS yanked it.

Drinking ginger ale with actual ginger. FWIW.

For those of you who want to do the least you can do in These Trying Times™, text RESIST to 504-09 and it will fax your message to your US Senators. You provide a name, zip code & message, it does the rest.

Nothing in the mailbox, no deliveries, and someone, probably my next door neighbor, who likes to park one of his 4 cars there while he juggles which 3 are in his carport, put my bins back where they belong. I was up early enough this morning to not take out the bins till morning (usually wheel them out the night before).

Online, bought a ticket for Pear Slices this Thursday. It's a few blocks from work, I can hang out in the cafeteria maybe even eat dinner there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe see Groot 2 at 6:30.

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