Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much To Say

Slept well, on the road on time, traffic was as usual.
Finished up testing on one unit, re-opened testing on another.
Watched the rest of The King's Speech. It's a very good movie to test lip sync.
Breakfast was a leftover PNB&J sandwich. Lunch was turkey tertazini. No break today, windy and nasty outside.
Still no word from the contractors.

Instead of heading home, I went to Shoreline Park, discovered that the bistro is now open till 6, used to close at 4. It was way too windy to stick around, so I headed back, taking a detour down Crittendon to what had been SGI's cluster of buildings after they sold the HQ to Google. It is now a cluster of Google buildings. I thought Ingress might have portals there, but they are all inside the campus and it was just too cold to explore. Some other time.

Headed home, bought 5 gallons of gas on the way. It was down to 1/4 tank. Been using some gas lately. I'd been setting it to battery-only, but the car decides by itself that the gas engine is not being used enough and switches to gas-only by itself. So I set it to auto-detect. It's a hybrid, and a lot of the engine cycles recharge the battery. I don't like using gas when I don't have to, but Ford has other ideas.

Spook has been very vocal tonight. She also dug up an old toy - a Star Wars mouse. This one looks like a mouse disguised as the small robot from the second to last movie. She has been carrying it around in her teeth, and batting it around. It was her favorite toy for weeks after I gave it to her, then it disappeared.

Dinner was an omelet. Quite a production with sautéd garlic & onion, chopped turkey salami, black olives, milk & eggbeaters. Forgot the cheeses, draped those over and microwaved for 90 seconds. Perfect.

Brushed Spook, and ordered an undercoat brush.

Delivered was a mess of he meat sticks, some meds for me from Kaiser and from Amazon.

Checkjed my repair contract, they have till the end of JUNE. I'll chill.
Plans for tomorrow:
Water the indoor plants. Plant a couple of onions in the garden which started growing in the bag, which I thought was mesh but was actually solid plastic.
Wanted to drive to a lake but not in this weather.

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