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When Plan A, B and C from Monday meet a turn in the weather

The plans were to go out with my camera somewhere and get shots of eagles (A), pelicans (B) or flowers (C). When I made those plans it was 90°+ and calm. Yesterday the temps dropped to the 50's and the wind was at 20 mph.

This morning the wind was even stronger, and it was chilly. High winds make photography difficult, and chilly makes them uncomfortable.
At about 3 am I thought my Hgl was low, but when I took a reading it was high. 172.  Grrr.

Got out of bed at around 9, Spook let me pet her a lot. HgL was even higher. 184. No apparent reason, dinner was not late, and it was less caloric than usual.

Took my meds, shot up more insulin than usual.

Decided it was about time I ate out so I headed to Lawrence & Tasman and my favorite place for house special wor won ton soup. I knew they had sold to another Chinese place, but not that it was a Chinese version of a Pho place, which makes no sense to me because there is a huge Pho place nextdoor. Maybe some sense, since the Chinese have their own noodles. I got there at noon, there were only a few customers, but by 12:30 the place was almost full. The new owners installed nicer furniture, and did away with the huge round tables in the back, in favor of 4-person booths along the sides and 2-person tables 3-across, 3 deep, which could be (but weren't) moved together for larger groups.

I had the beef sirloin "knife cut" noodle soup. I expected chow fun noodles from the description on the menu, but got what looked like undercooked, long chow fun noodles cut into three strips (1/3 as wide). Most of the bowl was noodles. There were only about 6 small chunks of beef, but what there was was delicious. Two pieces of baby bok choi, the head of a small scallion, and a whole red chili pepper. And of course beef broth to cover. Not going back there, as everything was a variation on this (like a Pho place). I really miss having a good place nearby where I can get that wor won ton soup and shrimp with lobster sauce. I should say affordable, because a few blocks up Lawrence there are two Chinese places.

Home, because my tummy insisted. Otherwise I'd have gone to the Asian market. Thought about going to the Indian/Mexican/Arab market but all I need from there is olives, not worth the trip.

Teased Spook by sitting in recliner#2 next to the sofa, and when she settled onto the sofa, moved to the guest room futon. Found her Mouse Vader toy in the sheets.

Delivered was a crushed Amazon box with a large container of cat treats. Shippers don't understand the simple physics that skimping on packing material means an air pocket, which means crushed box. No damage to the contents because they were in a solid container. Wondered why they had not rung the bell, found the battery in the bell button was dead. Fixed that, need to order replacements.

Napped in the recliner a bit.

So bored. Vacuumed.

Made a batch of agar agar mango "woon". That's cooling on the counter, when it starts to set it goes into the fridge, and will get cut into squares sometime tomorrow. This time I kept it simple, only mangoes, one thick layer. Remembered to add pandan leaves to the water as it boiled, and removed them before adding the agar powder. A little salt and sugar also went into the mix. I just hope it gels enough.

Planted two onions which had started to sprout, put them out where the tomato experiment had been last year.

Took a needle out to the car hoping to reposition the windshield washer nozzles, but they don't move. :-(

Before I got bored, I was online with all the airlines where I have membership numbers, and added my "known traveler" number. There was noplace to put it on the two which need it most - EVA Air and Finnair. My number should be all I need to get in the short line, but it would be nice for it to be on the boarding pass.

Finished Trixie And Me. Turns out to be a short story, not really a book. Novella? Well written, the trick ending is set up right from the start without telegraphing. The author may have an image in his mind of the inside of the alien ship, but he doesn't communicate it to his audience very well, except it's organic. It's the second book in the series, I suspect reading the first book would spoil most of this one. Not sure I'm interested in the next book.

Plans for tomorrow:
Coffee with Janice
Maybe find some new area to play Ingress.
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