Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday, bloodless Sunday

Lots of waking up early in the morning, but then settled down to sleep till 9.

Headed for the Indian/Mexican/Arab market mostly to find that package of big green olives. Shahia brand, plastic rectangle, packed in dilute brine.

A product of Turkey. They had a whole section of olives, mostly in glass containers, mostly smaller.

On my way to that aisle I found frozen falafel (have been looking for that for ages), bought two packs of 12.
Also picked up a can of stuffed grape leaves from Greece and a small bucket of pistachio halvah.

On to Safeway, came home with a 2-week supply of frozen meals, a bottle of meat tenderizer and cole slaw.

Home, put all the things away. Opened the meat tenderizer and a 2-year-old bottle of cheap white wine (Naked Grape) and poured some of each into a gallon ziplock bag, mixed well, and added a quart bag of beef slices. Put that in the fridge to marinate for a future date. Probably will make Penang or green curried beef out of it.

Poured half the olives into a container which already had olive oil, brine, oregano and garlic plus a couple of already marinated olives. Got out a second container and made the same marinade and added the other half of the olives. Topped it off with some white wine. Those will soak at room temp for a week or so before I sample them.

Lunch was going to be a bagel and turkey salami, but I just wasn't feeling it so I had half a dozen falafel balls dipped in garlic hummus. Mango agar treat for dessert.

Delivered, the doorbell actually rang for this (it helped that I'd replaced the dead battery) was an undercoat brush. Comb/rake actually. I tried it on Spook, she was confused. She wanted it to be a face brush. I wanted it to pull the fine undercoat from her back and sides. She was not thrilled about the way it felt, but for the amount of time she let me comb her, it yielded a lot of very fine fur.

Watched episode 2 of Who, and continue to be unimpressed. Capaldi is a meh Doctor, and his companion is even meh-er. Of all the actors and actresses in the BBC pantheon, it's hard to believe they couldn't come up with a companion who --- oh wait a minute. It's not just Pearl Mackie. It's also the scripts which make her an ignoramus. I also miss K-9. I know it's too much to ask for another companion as brilliant as Elisabeth Sladen, but the writers ought to be able to at least get close to the bar that was set by Sarah Jane Smith, Romana, Adric, Lela, etc.

Off to MV to chat with Janice. Got there at 4:40, it was cold & windy, three huge Asian groups had stolen all the chairs indoors and globbed themselves around too-small tables, as is their habit. Since I was early I drove down the block in search of portals, and found one which I changed from blue to green, and deployed 7 resonators - I have plenty more but the rules prevented me from doubling up on the ones I had in stock. Also took a quick look at the Google building on Pear Ave, and saw they had two or three rows of car chargers.

Back to Starbucks, J & I found a 2-seater in the back and waited for the hordes to dissolve. After half an hour it was almost empty. While she was in line, I captured a portal out back. Again, not enough resonators to link it.

Had a good chat, then I went back to the Pear Google building and plugged in the car just to make sure the chargers accepted my card. Then on to home.

Dinner was Marie C fried ground beef in white sauce and mashed with string beans. Dessert was two more of the mango squares. Yummy but not filling, so I carved a small section out of the pistachio halvah and munched on it when I sat down here.

During dinner watched the next Who episode, and OMG the writing was horrid. And Moral®. And which cretin's idea was it to name a female companion Bill?
Some pretty good special effects, but the monster ought to have had some color to him.

Doorbell rang again - next door neighbor Lee gave me a large plate of cherries. She doesn't like cherries, but they have a tree or three. Not here, I think up at her mother's place in Sacramento. Great cherries, but I have to be careful, they tend to become rocket fuel in large doses.

Plans for tomorrow:
1:30 appointment with Boss & locksmith to get coded locks on my door in the hole, and also on the doors for the engineers.
9 pm audition in San Jose for Fiddler (to be performed in Sunnyvale)

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