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And Then This Happened...

At auditions tonight, I was sitting next to my Don Quixote from the Man of La Mancha we did at the same theater in 2000. I mentioned that the woman who played Aldonza (opposite him) in that show had been Tzeitl when I did Fiddler there in 1994. I am trying out for Lazar again, and Lazar gets engaged to Tzeitl but ends up marrying someone else. I mentioned to Don Q that on Facebook she posted today from her IRL anniversary celebration in Hawaii. As I was driving home, it dawned on me that the two of them went on to play opposite each other in a couple of more shows, and IRL got married and divorced and both are now married to someone else.

I am seriously embarrassed. Especially since Don Q refrained from reminding me.
Sleep was weird. Woke up after half an hour and a very intense dream, then slept straight through to 6:30. Tried to get the last hour in, but sleep eluded me and Spook wanted head butts.

Up and out in record time. I will need to do the same tomorrow because at 8:30 the power will be turned off till 5:30.

Traffic was the usual mess, but I remembered to stay in the diamond lane longer, and exit spaces opened up. Still way too many drivers not paying attention to the "exit only" markers. Once I was at the exit, it was fine. Glad I got there early while there was still parking near The Hole.

Grabbed a banana and egg from the break room, again no diet Coke, so got a diet Mountain Dew and a caffeine free diet Coke.

The day started out cold and windy and overcast, and while the clouds and wind continued, it got warm.

Lunch in the break room was normal, the usual suspects plus a few drive-bys. Turkey tetrazini. Mango woon.

Lots of work again, one of the managers asked me to test a new build, had to delay that as I was still working on another unit of his, and another of a different manager's. Need to file some bugs for him tomorrow.

Break was a bust - the machine forgot how to make mocha, and a hoard of unruly Asian children (6th or 7th grade, actually from Asia) were let loose, and took over the place. The guides are not supposed to let them do that.

Back at the hole, the room was very warm, what with the door closed & locked. Opened a window and the door to make it better. Need to file a report with facilities - but will wait till the thermometer arrives.

Took off at 5:30, traffic was miserable again. Looking at the car's report, the second alternate route is more than a mile longer than the first alternate route. It also has more assholes.

It took 40 minutes. Got home and just vegged in the recliner, feet up, reclining, and had Google Home play Mozart. Apparently it was streaming it via my phone.

8:30, headed for auditions. Lots of waiting, but they kept to the schedule. The callback email only had one name on it for Tevye, and he was not there. Turns out he will try out tomorrow. Three other guys were, one of them being Don Q. Don Q and another guy were also trying out for my part - they were not on the callback email. The only other number, 20, was not there. I got to read twice, against two different Tevyes.

Into the rehearsal hall/dressing room for readings. Three Tevyes against 5 Lazars. I think I gave the best Lazar reading. I'm pretty sure the guy trying out tomorrow is better than any of the other three Tevyes.

Then a planned 15-minute break (aka wait in the lobby) and this is where they were behind schedule. "To Life" with Tevye and Lazar was supposed to be the only thing going at that time, but they also ushered in the Goldas. There were a lot of them.

The vocal director did not impress me. She gave us all a hint from the director that we should pronounce the gutteral "ch" in L'chaim. She had no idea why. She thought it was just some idiosyncrasy of the director's. And she pronounced Lazar Lay-zahr, equal emphasis on both syllables. Gag me. It's clear she doesn't know the show, or the culture. She also couldn't tell from the music that Lazar sings the lower part in the harmony. It's pretty clear, since his part in the rest of the piece is lower than Tevye's.

After wasting our time having everyone sing L'Chaim, Do You Love Me and most of If I Were A Rich Man together, she called me and one Tevye up to sing L'Chaim, and then the rest of the gang in pairs in a way where every Lazar got to sing that part and every Tevye that part, without doing the whole matrix.

They let the Lazar-onlies go when that was done. They were seriously out of time, and vocal director told the Tevyes to show up tomorrow for Rich Man.

I don't know if I will get the part. I have a bit of an edge because one of the co-directors has worked with me before, and I'm the only one who nailed the accent. But one never knows. So the waiting begins. I don't expect to hear anything until at least Friday, maybe longer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up with the alarm
Out before 8:30
Home, reset too many clocks

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