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is over, writing this now.
One of the things I keep saying is that when I don't come straight home from work, I forget that I'm starting my evening behind schedule (as if I have a schedule!), and end up not writing my journal until late. Hence, going to sleep late, and waking up wanting to stay in bed longer.

This morning I was up 10 minutes early, and instead of waiting for the alarm I got out of bed and showered and dressed, and was on the road half an hour early, and at work half an hour early. Grabbed a banana, egg and Kind bar, and a diet mountain dew because there was no plain diet Coke, and I had forgotten to put any in my cooler, though I had planned to. I bought those mini cans just in case.

The spreadsheet project got easier as I figured out some find/replace shortcuts and a work-around to the Google spreadsheet's nasty habit of converting long strings of numbers into scientific notation, even after setting that column as text. Had to put quotes around each one, which is ugly but functional.

Updated two units, ran the automated tests on each one, and cut and pasted the results into the spreadsheet. It got easier because the first time I had to gather the test names, but after that all I needed was to add the values for each test. Large chunks of tests yield no values, and that was a PIA at first, but after two runs it was clear that the values would be similar across the board, and with just a little bit of looking at the source I could match them all up correctly.

It's way more clerical than I like to get, and I have no clue what the values mean, but that's what Boss wanted, and it means we didn't have to try to get the programmer to add an item to his code which should already have been there.

What's funny is this routine was almost the same as one of the exercises in that lame Python class, but it would have taken me days to write a program to do what "grep" did in less than a second for 200+ columns.

Still no progress on getting the hole cooled down. It's clear the heat is on all day. It wasn't too bad today because the outside temp started at 57, and didn't get up to 85 until EOD. The next two days ought to be cooler. I let the Engineers in the next room know facilities is working on it, and Boss suggested facilities install portable aircon units.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini. Still no palatable cheeses in the fridge. Took a long break again, as indoors temps rose to 85.

Phoned the contractors, my rep thought his guy had called me back. The work is on for next Tuesday, which I am not thrilled about because Monday is an unpaid holiday, so missing two days of pay, unless they finish a lot more quickly than I think they will.

After work, headed to Sunnyvale Goodwill, and though I was there well before 6 pm closing time, they were acting like they were closed for donations, and there was no place to park, so I booked it to the bigger better one in Mountain View, and even though this time it was slightly after 6, the beleaguered woman working alone took my stuff (and the guy's after me) because she hadn't closed the gate.

Out to the main parking lot, parked, and then went inside in search of vases. Found 7 I liked, bought the best 4, plus a cute garden figurine of a squirrel. Walked all around the place looking for other garden stuff, but nothing else registered. Almost bought a cow-shaped butter dish & matching butter knife, but both were child-sized. I do need a butter knife. Maybe some other time. I didn't see any cutlery on display.

Home, opened two doors because it was cooler outside than in. Unloaded the dryer, shirts are on the bed waiting to be hung.

Dinner was a bunch of shrimp egg rolls and that red honey mild chili sauce and some black olives. Fudge ice cream with walnuts for dessert. Ginger ale gave way to wine spritzer, but only half a can. Watched another episode of Dark Matter in which they introduced and then killed two new attractive female characters. Stunning Ruby Rose was one of them. They let her keep her Australian accent, but they hid her tattoos.

Somewhere in there I went out front and surveyed the damage. I'll need to take a rake to the front garden. Headed all the rosebuds which needed it. Watered the potted jasmine, I may un-pot it and plant it outright.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go to the big building, update the laptop as needed

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