Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Powerless Again

Up and out early, my SmartHub says the 8:30 am scheduled power outage was right on time, but ended at 2:45 instead of 5:30. Spook was chomping at the food tower when I checked after the juice came on. Then she jumped up to the window sill to guard the neighborhood.

Grabbed the usual from the break room at work, then to the hole, where soon someone was knocking on the back door. HVAC repair guy, didn't notice the door bell on the front door.

He thought the air conditioner was on the second floor, so he called someone from facilities to let him in up there. I should have remembered it is outside next to the building. Anyhow, eventually he figured it out, got it turned on, and said the building had central air, which meant the thermostats in the rooms were useless. It was too chilly outside that early in the morning, but by the time I left it was clear that there was some minimal improvement in my room, but the main building was very cool.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine cheese ravioli which was good news bad news. The bad news is it is horrible, the good news is there wasn't much of it.

Back at the hole, several strangers with Google badges were trying to get in, but didn't have a key. They were legit - sort of. Their group had moved to another building months ago, but they apparently are moving back. I let Boss know, she'll have to deal with it, since she was under the impression she owned the whole first floor now.

Break time I punched up a hot chocolate and got slightly browned water. I'll mention it to the new crew, who have diligently been maintaining the coffee in that machine all week.

I expected Boss to show up with the Australian box, but she didn't.

Home, traffic was awful.  Listening to the MP3 CD of Thai female singers, they snuck in a couple of guys, but it's an interesting mix of every conceivable (and a couple of inconceivable) genres. The Thai equivalent of rapping to an opera aria. Sort of. Isan Likay in the style of Beyoncé.  I hit the skip button a few times. But liked the tracks I'd bought it for, new favorite group Klear and old favorite Endorphine.

In the mailbox once again was something from Kaiser which I've phoned and written them not to send. Right on the envelope it urges me to sign up for paperless delivery. Which I have done. Which they ignore.

Grabbed the broom and cleaned up in front of the garden, a pretty big pile of twigs, leaves and such. As I was finishing up, across the street neighbor Louis came over to complain about the idiotic results of the latest park inspection. They want him to paint his house. It doesn't need it. They want him to remove the trellis from his back yard fence. The fence and the trellis belong to the neighbor behind him. I reminded him that I'd already set him up with a landlord-tenant negotiator, now's the time to call and make that appointment.

Dumped the pile of stuff into one of the compost bins, and then emptied a bag of Bee's Friend dead plants into each of the two and watered them well. Master gardener sister says to cut them into small bits, but that would take way too long. I looked into renting a chipper/mulcher but didn't find any. She also said to add a nitrogen source, so I think I'll buy some fish fertilizer to dump on top. Or something.

Also need to pull out some of the poppies, which have overgrown their areas.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, fudge ice cream. And another episode of Dark Matter. The actor playing the wimp is doing way too good a job. I don't think it's acting.

Swiffered the kitchen. It needed it badly. Visualized where I'll put the microwave carts on either side of the kitchen island to make room for the installers. Also put all the booze in the fridge which had been on floor. Except for the pilsner beer, which I think I will drop off at the break room at work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Start at the big building. Grab breakfast and wait for Boss, and get the Aussie machine. Drive to the hole and test it.
Root the rose clippings. I think they will go into pots on the porch between/behind the lime trees.

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