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So Happy I survived this week

Today was okay. Woke up at 6, looked around the house, couldn't find Spook anywhere. I did not look under my bed, or in the space between the sofa and the easy chair which somehow she manages to dive into in search of toys. Usually she comes out for treats when I get to the kitchen, but not today.

On the road way early, AG called with news that the person who took his place at Arris is going home to India, there will be no more automated testing, which is the same as saying there will be no more product. Not surprising, Arris made the wrong decision when they picked project specs & managers.

Stuff got done again at work. The installer came and by the end of the day had installed punch-key code locks on all the doors on the first floor, except one which has an in-handle lock and what's inside allegedly belongs to another group, thought I could swear it was open when they moved out, and empty except for a conference table and chairs.

I marked up my map of the floor with the combinations and sent it to Boss. The engineers next door were given the code to their doors (two doors, one code, same room).

It was chilly all day, no way to tell if the air conditioner is actually working. It should be summer again by the time I get back (Tuesday PM or Wednesday).

I ran the standard automation test suite on the not-ready-to-test unit from Oz, but before I had time to look at the results Boss gave me a whole new assignment, which I can't say much about except it involves testing some bleeding edge software on all the boxes. I installed it on three, Boss said to wait till after the holiday to do anything with it. First glance it looks seriously broken. As expected.

Part of that was firing up a TV which has been sitting in a corner behind another TV since before I got there. Very old software, took hours to figure out how to make it behave itself.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs and sharp white cheddar. Famous Amos for dessert.

No sign of the invaders back at the hole, but someone left a bicycle in what would be the break room if the room wasn't gutted.

Took a break at 4, the hot chocolate machine is still not working, and the minions apparently had the day off. One very attractive young woman sat across the way from me.

Quitting time, left all the machines running, they will automatically update over the weekend.

Orchard Supply, got another figurine for the garden, some catnip seeds to mix into Spook's greens, and a gallon of high in nitrogen & phosphorus with a touch of potassium liquid fertilizer. And some horticultural sand. You can lead a whore to culture, but...???

Home, watered down the compost bins, poured half a gallon of the fertilizer into each of them, and tied down the lids. Watered the two onions which are growing back where the tomatoes used to be, and also wet down the salvia. My milkweed starts are dead. Out front, did some OCD cleanup of the garden, got some poppy plants off of the lilacs they were smothering. At least I think they are lilacs. Watered the roses too, and filled the trays under the lime trees.

OCD time again, in prep for the kitchen lights installation Tuesday, I moved the cart and bar stools away from the kitchen island, and vacuumed. There was a lot of dirt under those.  Also sucked up the leaves at the base of the bay windows which fall off the plants hanging there. And then took everything off the island and wiped it down. First time since I moved in that it was empty. The lights are right above it, and the fewer things to knock over the better. I left the microwave cart in place, since I expect to use it a few times before then.

But instead of using it tonight I made a plate of cold stuff. Lox, marinated artichoke hearts, marinated olives, sliced hard boiled egg, baby carrots & hummus and a couple of pieces of baby cow cheese. Pistachio halvah topped with chocolate pudding for dessert. Watched another episode of Dark Matter, and they have finally gone too far with the plot reversals. Highly telegraphed, which is not like them. The wimp actor continues to phone it in, and the extras they brought in to be intimidating aren't.

Listening to the last of the Thai CDs from the current batch. Very cool concept, called Songs To Screen Project which apparently was a project where well known singers/bands had a song written for them which would end up being used in a TV show or movie. The track list gives the name of the song, the artist and what show it was used in. My new favorite band Klear has 6 of the 16 songs, one of them is the song which prompted me to buy their stuff. There's also a track by a singer I don't know which I liked a lot, called วันนั้น wan nan - That Day (in the future).

Took the vases of rose cuttings out of the sink and put them on the kitchen island, along with garden clippers and sand. And I also left the Z-wave switch on there for the installers to have a go at.
A note about the Hugo Award nominee reading packet. A few notes. First note is I am tossing any works of non-science fiction. Just a personal prejudice, based on the fact that most fantasy writers don't stick to the rules they have created for their world. I want to keep the science fiction in the premier awards given by the World Science Fiction Conventions. There are other awards and conventions for fantasy. Another note is some of the works have only submitted excerpts. I cannot judge a book from an excerpt any more than I can judge a movie from its trailer. I'll be tossing those out as well. And finally, some of the pdf's are not formatted to be easily readable in the Kindle app. Font sizes too small, word wrap disabled, etc. I won't toss those immediately, but it will make it harder to become my first choice.
Plans for tomorrow:
Prepare the rose clippings for rooting
Try again with the salvia - need to lop off the flowers
Plant another onion and maybe some garlic.

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