Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Quite What I Had Planned

But close enough. Slept in as planned. Okay, maybe a little later because there was another Hgl low, a slight one (79) at 1:30 am. Klondike bar consumed.

Read some comments on salvia rooting where most people were saying that they had success just sticking a broken stem in the ground. So I broke off a few from the huge plant, dug out the dead aloe, and planted those there instead. Also planted one between the huge and big salvia plants. The two onions are doing well, I found another in the veggie bin sprouting, and planted it.

About to prepare the rose cuttings for rooting, Janice called, computer panic. Sounded like a phishing issue on MSIE, had her call MSFT support, she insisted on speaking to a human, and the human was someone in India whose job was to sell her a support contract. So I told her to power off the machine and I went over there. Did not want to, I was planing a weekend without Mountain View. Powered up the machine and there was something wrong with MSIE, but Chrome was fine, so I suggested she use Chrome. And we had a chat about a friend's child she said had paid to be in a production of Singing in the Rain. Janice has no concept that one does not pay to perform, one gets paid, or at the very worst, volunteers. She was adamant. I looked up the production, and it's for a private school which the child does not attend. Big red flags. The kid really needs to go to PYT. I also posted on FB where I have hundreds of theater friends, asking where an 11-year-old with limited talent might be able to get onstage for free. Got a reply from a former child turned former staff at California Theater Center, which is the group which uses Sunnyvale community theater in the summer, but a look at the web site it seems like they have stopped being a place for children to perform, and instead adults perform for children.

Home, had lunch - Velveeta melted on sourdough, posted on FB, and finally got to the rose rooting project. Mixed some potting soil with some sand, made two pots of that and prepared 7 in one pot and 4 in another. Put those out on the porch. Cut some roses and put them in vases in the kitchen, and also broke off a long salvia branch, prepared the bottom for rooting but put it in a vase of water, so I can see if roots happen. This time out of direct sunlight.

Dinner was lasagna with extra swiss, and chocolate ice cream. And another episode of Dark Matter, in which all the bad actors were offed, except the phone-it-in guy. The unexpected trick ending was expected.

Had a small bottle of champagne - about 8 oz. Cook's. Not bad for the cheap stuff, but then I have no palate for things alcoholic. It made me drowsy, as expected.  

Cleaned off the kitchen island again (after using it for the rose cuttings).

The ESL meetup tomorrow I'd signed up for disappeared from meetup.com, somehow without notifying me. I unsubscribed from that and another polyglot group which meets when I can't.

A photo shoot group I used to belong to looks like they have a spot for tomorrow, but the organizer seems to have given up his studio, and is faking it by calling it a "natural light photography" group. Nice guy, but not a good organizer.

Plans for tomorrow:
I should take the camera somewhere.  


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