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No Plan is also a plan

Slept well, for no apparent reason. After the usual 1 am NASCAR, I didn't wake up till 6:30. Tried to get back to sleep but only managed 15 minutes at a time. Stayed in bed till 10 because I could. I think there was some online shopping involved. Getting tired of the way-too-inadequate performance from my way-too-expensive Bose radio/CD player, which has an antenna and reception similar to a $25 Emerson special. Superior speakers are useless in a GIGO situation.

The bluetooth adapter would cost $300, which would let me stream from the Google Home and maybe the Amazon Fire, but BT speakers will do the same for 1/10th the price. So I ordered two.

Also bought was another set of garden path lamps. I have six installed, but they are intermittent.

Completely forgot to medicate until noon. Also forgot to eat. This often happens on Sundays.

There are tons of fun things to do this weekend, including a WWII airplane show at Moffett, and AnimeCon, but I've become allergic to crowds.

I had a fleeting temptation to defrost all those drumsticks and make traditional fried chicken, not that crap with Panco or flakes. But opening the freezer to get the chicken showed me a higher priority: frozen lunches and dinners.

So - off to Safeway, where I bought a 2-week supply. Or more. Also picked up some warm weather food. Does a PNB&J sandwich freeze well? They had four flavors of Lactaid ice cream, I picked up two I had not tried before. Already have chocolate x 2. Dark chocolate was high on my list, and Ghirardelli bars were on sale.

And my "don't go grocery shopping while hungry" guilty pleasure was a package of 18 shrimp spring rolls.

On my way I thought about going to downtown first and Ingressing.

Home, put everything away. Beef pot pie for lunch, caramel chip ice cream was pretty good, even if the ice cream was vanilla.

The car decided it wanted to run on gas, so did not need to be charged. I hate when it does that. Especially at $3.25/gal.

And then mysteriously it turned into a 2-shower, 3-Immodium day. :-(

Vegged a bit, Spook kept an eye on me from across the room, wrapped around one of her scratching post toys.

Fired up the PC and plugged in the tablet, and organized the Hugo nominees so I will read each group together. Made lists of each grouping I was interested in, and put the lists into Google Keep.

Then to Specialty's down the road, bought a pastry and a soft drink, plugged the tablet into the laptop, and started arranging files in the Kindle directrory.

Short Stories was first, and I discovered I only had one left to read. It only took a minute because it was non-science fiction. Removed them from the Kindle display, but not from the device, and added the Novelettes. I have read one already, Nina Allan's The Art of Space Travel which I enjoyed a lot except she never really ends it. I think she thinks she did, but no.

Read the last story, with a little distraction because there was some eye candy. Sitting directly in my line of sight was a woman who looked like a dancer, and various gals in yoga or track pants visited the soda machine also in my view.

Home, watched last night's 6 o'clock news on Tivo, vegged a little in the recliner.

Needing to get out of the house, I drove down the block to the big park, taking my tablet and cell phone, and hacked away at the loop of portals. Most of them were neutral, so I greened them. And there were a clump in the middle of blue but not well provisioned. I had a lot of 7's and 6's to fire at them, and greened them too. Sat on a bench near the sea lion statue and read some sci-fi. At about 7, went back and hacked the closest half of the portals and linked a few. Got one field set up, I expected more. Good stats (for me): 10 links active, 15 portals owned, 2 control fields active, 27 MUs.

Home, dinner was half of the spring rolls - they are tiny, lumpia sized. The photo on the package is a lie. Also heated up a bowl of frozen mixed veggies. As soon as the spring rolls were done I slapped a quartet of Pepperidge Farms apple turnovers in. They were done in time to be dessert. First one a la mode, second one a la cart. Watched another episode of Dark Matters, where we are introduced to yet another totally unintimidating villain. And one very threatening Igor. That actor looked a bit like Karloff.

Logged onto the Hugo voting site, entered my Short Story ballot:
1. Vaughn, Carrie - That Game We Played During the War
2. Wright, John C - An Unimaginable Light
3. Wong, Alyssa - A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers
4. Jemisin, N K - The City Born Great
5. No award
6. Bolander, Brooke - Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies
7. El-Mohtar, Amal - Seasons of Glass and Iron

As I understand it, anything after "no award" is ignored in the tallies. If I'm wrong there's plenty of time to fix that. 6 & 7 are non-science. 2 & 3 were almost a tie, because from the first page of #2 I knew how it would end, but it was better written, IMHO. YMMV. #1 made me cry. A textbook example of how to write a short story.

As for Novelette, already tossed overboard are non-science works:
Vernon, Ursula - The Tomato Thief
Wilde, Fran - The Jewel and her Lapidary

Signed up for a photo shoot next Saturday morning, Karaoke meetup is that evening.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read some more
Take the camera somewhere. Maybe somewhere along the southern light rail route I haven't been.
Janice at 5, Starbucks but not Shoreline because there will be traffic
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