Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feast or Famine

Today was my first day back at work in 4 days, which usually doesn't mean much, but so many little projects popped up all at once that it got pretty hectic. And even though it is no longer on my calendar, Boss popped in after lunch to sync up. Lots of things to talk about.

And to round off the day, another manager asked me to test a new build, which was annoying because I had just put an even newer build on that machine.

One of the new projects is that on Monday I need to go to the big building, to the new "my desk" which I have never sat at, to put things in a box and label it as "my stuff" for the movers to move to the next building over where "my desk" will be relocated. The hole is not an official company space, and Boss needs me to have a "my desk" in the big buildings in case we get booted out of the hole. Which could happen at any time, as it is supposed to some day be gutted, made into an official company building, and probably assigned to another department. The Engineers next door really ought to be renting space off-campus.

Boss is on vacation next week, so I can take some extra time, probably, to attend the contract company's meet-the-director gig a mile or so down the road. A lot depends on whether I find parking. It's too far to walk and the bike route has a treacherous intersection or two. I should ask about the loop buses. It's not that Boss will be away, it's that if she is not in town she won't be taking me to the two partner sites which are on the agenda for Real Soon Now.

Normal unpredictable sleep last night, Spook was in and out of the room, up and down from the window sill, finally landed in the BnB. After I took my shower, she sat in front of the open shower door for 10 minutes just staring, as I got dressed. I didn't see if she went inside.

Breakfast was my usual banana, egg & a Kind bar, with 50 units of high test insulin. But I walked to lunch in an insulin reaction, don't know how bad because I left my at-work meter home. It needs to be plugged into the PC to be read. I should buy another BT one for work. Those talk to my phone app. Self-medicated with the other half of last night's chow fun, Famous Amos & M&Ms. I would have preferred Coke to the M&Ms, but there was only Pepsi and 12 kinds of Diet Coke.

Lots of young employees in the break room, and a couple of employees who brought their families.

At work, researched and ordered a B&D electric tiller for the garden. It's a small one, about the size of a weed eater.  Not very expensive.

Home, Lou from across the street chatted, complaining about his roof needing to be redone. $9k quote, which none of us can afford on this park. Next door neighbor joined us, said the idiot inspectors told him to paint his house - it was just painted 3 months ago. They also told him to trim his hedge, which didn't need it, but he did it anyway. Or some young man who lives with them did - young man may be his son, but seemed more deferential, like a student.

From what Lou tells me, there will probably be a lot of residents at the association's board meeting next week. It's not an HOA, it's a social group, but the new manager doesn't seem to know that.

Watched the news on Tivo. Am disgusted that Trump's typo made headlines. Even more disgusted that so many of my friends are bullying him about it. Children are cruel. Especially after they have got bigger.

Checked the new path lights after it got dark, and they are much better than the old set. Ordered another half dozen.

Pulled the B&D batteries out of the closet and started charging one (I only have one charger). Hoping to use that tiller Friday evening. Still need to decide what to plant in the front garden. Maybe Sunday I'll tour Yamagami's.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. There's a lot of it

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