Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

It's been a while since I remembered a dream after wakign up, but this one was just a doozy.

I have taken a long car trip somewhere, maybe Arizona or New Mexico. I'm parked in a school or theater lot, I go inside to hear a concert. The dream skips to me going back to my car after the concert, and it won't start. Somehow I know it is completely dead, it will never start again. Skip to the used car lot, where I buy an identical car, except it has generic license plates.

Skip ahead again, coming out of another concert, this time somewhere in Marin. My replacement car is a burned-out hulk. Somehow I know it was a burned out hulk when I bought it. Skip to me at a deserted area which I recognize as being one of the places above Stinson Beach where surfers might park. My original car with my vanity plates is there, and my dilemma as I wake up, is how to get those plates on the replacement car, but why would I want to do that on a burned-out hulk?

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