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Less Busy, More Juggling

Slept as usual, 15 minutes from alarm to bathroom. On the road late, but traffic moved well on the back roads and on 101 it was almost speed limit for those remaining exits. A lot of non-Google visitors wandering to the gift shop today.

Tried to phone AG, his birthday was yesterday, but later he texted that he had 2 days of meetings.

I had three devices going at once, and was puzzled because the routine I'd used Wednesday to put a pre-release app on them did not work today. Boss said she was going to visit because she's going on vacation next week, but when she didn't appear by 3, I messaged her, and the answer to the installation is I had to wait 24 hours for the machines to auto-update. So Monday they should be good to go.

Meanwhile, one of them had no audio output, another did HDMI only (not optical) so I had to play the entire Ant Man movie to troubleshoot. It was not quite as stupid as expected, but it came very close. The bad guy looked familiar, John Malkovich? No, it was the guy on House of Cards who played the addict Congressman who is killed and made to look like a suicide -  Corey Stoll. Did not recognize Michael Douglas - he has somehow, somewhere learned how to be an Actor. Paul Rudd, in the title role, has not. The No Small Parts award goes to Robert Crayton, whose 90 seconds of screen time sets up a huge amount of the plot.

I did get a chance to hook up my spare blu-ray player, and as I remembered, it did have a lot more settings, including one for HDMI CEC which the partner manager for the guys next door was completely wrong about.

A facilities guy came in in the morning asking why he had been sent over to remove duct tape from around the outside of the building. There wasn't any, so beats me. The HVAC guy never showed up in the afternoon, it only got up to 82° after break.

Many strangers in the break room at lunch time, turkey tetrazini for me was distracted by two guys having a meeting at the tables behind me. Talking about things they should have gotten a room to discuss.

Hit the road right at 5:30, the electric signs as I was coming in to work said tonight's concert was canceled, but that's not what Shoreline's site said. A lot of traffic leading to 101, but after the overpass it was pretty light. Freeway was light at Ellis, so I took it instead of the back roads. Hindu temple still has its sign up for their jubilee, which was last weekend.

Middle sister turns 64 Sunday. Unfortunately, all the parodies of that song are from the male POV, since the original is. Maybe I'll crank out something.

Delivered was the second set of garden path lights, which are now where the original set was, and those are behind the shed waiting to be recycled.
Also delivered was the Black & Decker garden tiller, which required some assembly which was almost intuitive. I slapped in a battery and fired it up in the kitchen, but did not get a chance to try it out because:

In the park mail slot were three items. One was an announcement of a Father's Day breakfast and a list of the month's social club programs. Another was a letter from the social club president saying he is aware of the outrage caused by the recent park corporate inspection and demands for a meeting to confront the staff, that while the club doesn't engage in "that sort of thing", the law allows us to peaceably assemble, so we are invited to do so Monday evening, and the corporation's local apologist will be there. The third item was a 2-page letter from the local apologist rambling about rules which she thinks helps make this a "5-star park", some of which are actually against the rules on my lease. She said not to worry about moving our sheds, which is a total cop-out because there is nothing wrong with the sheds which her clowns told us to move.

Lou came over to talk about the meeting, and ask me to attend. Lee came over and joined us, we told her she needs to get her husband to go, since he speaks English. I doubt if new neighbor Jun in #6 will go, even though they wrote him up for totally ridiculous things. I don't think his English is good enough to understand the letters, and he's Old School Korean, not one to want to question authority, especially in a new place.

I've read enough of the last two Hugo Novella entries to make a decision, and cast my ballot:
1. McGuire, Seanan - Every Heart a Doorway
2. Wilson, Kai Ashante - A Taste of Honey - takes too long to get started, and needlessly drips with inuendo
3. No award
0. Mieville, China - This Census-Taker - couldn't read the story because every page of the PDF had a diagonal watermark across it, too opaque
0. Bujold, Lois McMaster - Penric and the Shaman - Fantasy
0. Johnson, Kij - The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe  - Fantasy
0. LaValle, Victor - The Ballad of Black Tom - Unreadable style, non-science fiction

I hate to help give Seanan yet another Hugo, but the writing is (as usual) superb, and she waits till almost the end to make it bloody and gory. And it is a gem of psychological speculative fiction.

The novels may take a while, I'm a slow reader. Unless they are excerpts, in which case they don't get my vote.

Janice recommended a Netflix documentary to me, but I forgot which one, and she didn't answer her Alexa when I "called", so I watched one on the garment industry, and it merely showed me that the overseas garment workers today are where the NYC ones were in my grandmother's day. Unions made the work pay better and made it safer, and it drove the prices too high, so now 97% of the work is outsourced to places where corrupt officials don't enforce (or even create) those laws.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot at 11:30 am
Karaoke at 6 pm

In between, try the tiller, maybe hit Lowe's or Home Depot garden departments.
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