Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Only a Little Bit Early Tonight

Slept well, but woke with an Hgl in the 60's, so ice cream for breakfast. Up well before the alarm, Spook wanted to do head butts, but after a couple I got up and did my morning stuff. I'm really tired of her not allowing me to get close.

Packed lunch -- two, actually, in case I had to eat at my desk. I don't know what gave me that premonition. But almost true, because when I got to the break room, it was bare. Nobody had stocked any of the usual breakfast stuff, but there was a small buffet in front of one of the conference rooms, the meeting was already underway before 9.

The pre-release app was still not on my machines, so I installed Netflix and watched a couple of sci-fi movies. Jupiter Ascending was one. Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum. Horribly written, confusing directing, crappy cinematography and crappier special defects. The "Noplace like home" claim falls flat when home is being a slave to your Russian in-laws cleaning toilets for a living. Watched an episode of Sherlock.

The air conditioning was on full blast even though it was chilly outside.

Lunch was chicken and noodles something, there were a few strays from the conference, suits, no eye candy. 

Tried to go back for a break, but they had completely taken over the break room, which they are not supposed to do - there were tables set up for them elsewhere - as well as the foyer. Grrr.

At 5 I drove to the garage, plugged in the car and went upstairs with a Fry's shopping bag filled with books and stuff. Put them in two moving boxes, closed those up and put labels on them. Checked my old desk's cabinet, nothing of mine was in it. 

Almost went to the move-to location but wanted to get to the 6:30 park meeting, so I scooted.

Traffic wasn't too bad, got home by 6, checked in online and then walked to the park community hall, got there right at 6:30, and could hear from outside they had already started. I had expected to grab a seat in the back, figured on maybe 50 people showing up in a hall which can hold about 100. It was SRO, not a single seat free. And many of these people had to be wheeled in, or assisted to get there. I left, went back home, there was nothing I was going to be able to add, and the number of people who got there early was a clear signal to the corporate shill that she had fucked up in an epic fashion. The last inspection was a total sham, as was the park manager's letter, and her apologist letter was even worse.

Dinner was alleged chicken fried hamburger, not at all fried. It was okay. Ice cream for dessert. Watched another episode of Sherlock. 30 minutes of action jam-packed into an hour and a half. How does Stephen Moffat do it?

Watered the front garden and the potted plants on the porch. The rose cuttings don't look too good and out of 6 sage cuttings, only one is thriving, one more looks like it my not die.

Delivered was the bigger BT speaker, which I may send back because for the same price I can get a wi-fi speaker. Almost bought three at work, but didn't really want to spend $150. The wi-fi speakers can daisy chain up to 10, BT is 1:1. Wi-fi also holds a signal when the microwave is on.

But with an expensive vacation coming up, probably not a priority.

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