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Had a tough time getting to sleep last night, that damned park inspection thing again. So tonight's thoroughly awful dinner was accompanied by Angry Orchard. And now my eyes want to close.
Got to work on time, there were bananas and Kind bars and HB eggs and real Diet Coke. Yay! And no conferences, though yesterday's signs were still up.

Got the pre-release app to install on all three units, just had to sign in in the order I originally had done. And as soon as I played a clip, it showed me the bug I needed to video, but the clip ended before my work Nexus phone could launch. So I had to do it all over again, and this time I captured it and uploaded it to my secret YouTube stash. And filed a bug.

The new app has other issues, but they seem to be device-specific.

Anyway, spent all day playing video clips for testing. Lunch was Asian Beef on rice. M&Ms for dessert.

Break time was quiet as well.

Half an hour before quitting time I went to the new digs and found my official desk. It's even more crowded, and still open plan. Tall Engineer also arrived, carrying a box of his stuff, and one of the other partner managers also did a walk-by. I had parked in the garage below the new place, was able to plug in (there are only 2 ports nearby).

Nice day, stayed up at first floor level watching the volleyball game and people passing by. Much eye candy as the fitness center is right there too. 

Back to the car when it was about 90% charged. h

Home, ordered pizza delivery from Domino's. The idea is the echo dot can take an order, after you have set up an account and a favorite order online.

Note to Domino's: It's nice that the pizza was delivered earlier than promised, but it would have been nicer to have it baked until it was done. And WTF are you delivering the pasta dish in a metal lined container for? And it's really rude to not list prices until the final check-out page.

Bottom line - worst pizza ever. Pasta was almost as bad. Not going to use them again.

Fired up Netflix and watched about 2/3 of the next Sherlock episode, but now I'm done. They have gone way way over the top. And under the bottom.
Still enjoying the current Hugo novel nomination. The author has thrown in some cool writing tricks, including a very compelling way of presenting flashbacks.

Was too late coming home to ask neighbors what happened at last night's meeting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Start at the new desk, unload the boxes, take everything back home except maybe my MSFT award.
Home, ask the neighbors about last night's meeting
Maybe stop in at Lowe's for a couple of Lily of the Nile plants. They are growing all over the grounds by the hole, they do well in all day direct sunlight, and have large clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers.
Meanwhile my paw paw saplings appear to be dead. :-(

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