Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Comedy of Errors

Sleep was intermittent. By the time I woke up for real, the quilt was about 70° askew, and the flat sheet was hiding under the BnB. Slow getting up but once up I fired up the BT speaker and had Alexa play one of my Pandora stations. The speaker is water resistant, works well in the shower. Easy to carry around.

Out early enough, traffic on the back roads was slow but once on 101 it was better. And then worse. And then 65mph to the exit. It disgusts me how California freeways are designed with built-in bottlenecks and accidents waiting to happen. On Long Island we had cloverleafs, so traffic entering the freeway was not fighting with traffic trying to exit.

Grabbed breakfast from the break room, reproduced that bug once more, this time with all the logging things running.

Got one last note from boss' boss showing he didn't understand the problem, so I'll just have to deal with it.

Tall engineer came down with a prototype board, wanting to do a test which needs my off-the-grid laptop, which I have not used in months. I never wrote down the password hint, because the password was so easy to remember, so of course I couldn't remember it. Boss knows it, but she's on vacation till Monday. Tall engineer sent her email asking for her to send it to me, I replied all to not send a password by email. He should know better than that.

Drove to the contractor meet and greet, I had to cut through a parking lot from a parallel street because the direct route was closed because of egret nesting. I will have to bring a camera and walk down that street. Maybe Sunday.

I didn't see anyone, there was another group on the patio which was not them, so I took a tour of the adjacent cafeteria, but it was slim pickings, and nothing edible. Eggplant sushi? WTF?

Rep phoned that she saw me, it was just her and the district manager, on the far side of the patio. They had lovely bundt cakes for us. People showed up for a few minutes. I had found a charger, so hung around to get the car juiced, and also was running a screen saver test so no rush getting back to the hole.

Instead of the automation test, I ran the usual manual tests on the board, it was missing some features but worked okay for what it had.

Took at break at 4:30, the hot cocoa machine is working again. Goes well with chocolate pudding. Read another chapter in Cixin Liu's Death's End. So far I have it as my second choice. I haven't read my first choice, it's just that I don't think the writing, especially the character development (or lack thereof) is award-winning. As science-based fiction it is superb, though.

Headed for Lowe's at 5:30, after it was too late to turn back, my phone reminded me that I was signed up to get free food and a lecture at CHM at 6. Grrr. At Lowe's, entered the garden department, took a while to find 4 plants, and back to the check-out counter to find they had closed the ones for the garden department, and locked that gate. Wheeled all the way across the store, there were no human cashiers, just the self-checkout and (a) the line was 10 people deep and (b) I don't use those unless they pay me minimum wage. So I wheeled a few feet back, parked the cart somewhere random, and walked out.

Home, dinner was lunch - corn dogs plus pickles, cole slaw and mustard. Chocolate popsicles for dessert.

Put a load of shirts in the wash, they are in the dryer now and the dishwasher is running, lots of glasses and cutlery, not much else.

Watched another episode of Dark Matter which redeemed itself with an almost happy ending.

Listening to the Jimmy Buffet station on Pandora via BT speaker.

Plans for tomorrow:

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