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It's almost Saturday.

There were no bananas or snack bars when I got to the break room at 9. I went back at 10:30 to claim a banana and some French cow cheeses.

Today was marginally better than yesterday. I brought wi-fi and Bluetooth USB adapters from home to try to rise a signal on the prototype board, but those didn't work - they need drivers. They worked fine when I plugged them into my linux machine. It took a lot of 'splainin' to get Tall Engineer to understand this. And also to understand why changing one setting on the board magically made the phone remote control app work with it.

After much procrastinating, I finally buckled down to building that spreadsheet for boss' boss. The routine he suggested almost worked. Close enough. It works best if there's a separate sheet for each model of device. I should have it done Monday.

Lunch was invaded by a screaming kindergarten class disguised as full time employees. WTF is the attraction/excitement over access to a professional espresso machine? I guess most programmers had summer jobs as baristas. I had to use my THEATER VOICE to get the crowd to move away from the microwave when my lunch was ready.

And in 10 minutes they were gone, dead silence as they returned to their classroom down the hall.

There was some eye candy, but the shoe size IQs negated any attraction.

Break was late, the place was empty. Hot chocolate machine is back to 100%. I have two bags of marshmallows at home, I should bring some next week. I remember buying a bag of large and a bag of mini, but not why. Probably on sale at Grocery Outlet.

After work was an OSH run. While I was wandering around not finding plants to buy, a very helpful man named Justin not only made some good suggestions,he knew both the common and Latin names for the ones he suggested. And he found a couple out front after the gate had closed.

Bought 6 plants, which is 2 more than I planned on, but the big ticket items were the bucket of earthworms and a ceramic miniature Indian style elephant. The tag says "BOHEMIAN ELEPHANT BLACK NURSERY" and it's made in Vietnam. I will place it at the foot of the spirit house.

After OSH, across the street to BestBuy. Out of the 237 different wireless speakers on display, only four did wi-fi, and they were all > $150 each. The others were bluetooth, which is nice for a pool party, but turn on the microwave and the signal goes bye-bye.

Home, took surface streets till Ellis, 101 traffic from there was very light and almost at the speed limit.

Pulled out the two Paw Paw saplings. One had white root and both were dead. Replaced them with plants from OSH. Pulled out a dying aloe, and put in one of the OSH plants. The other three went into the front garden. It totally wore me out, I should have taken a break after #4.

Dinner was beef pot pie & ice cream with ground pistachios. Watched another episode of Dark Matter in which several sharks were jumped.

Outside, watered the plants.

Was planning on attending the morning coffee klatch with my state assemblyman, but then I looked up the location, and it's in deepest darkest Woodside. Half an hour drive at best, way out of the way for me. Instead I may go to the monthly new resident "tea".

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am tea
place the elephant
Take the spirit house inside, clean it and apply another coat of lacquer. Plant it back in the garden after making a deeper pilot hole.  
5 pm coffee with Janice. Location TBA because there's a huge rock-n-metal festival at the amphitheater. 30 bands, 11 am doors open.
Maybe call the nail place for an appointment for Sunday?
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