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Why Do I keep Buying Stuff?

Yesterday I spent about $90 on plants at OSH. They filled all the obviously available spaces - two pots, a cutout alongside the driveway, and three spots in the front garden replacing plants which had not survived the Bees Friend and California poppy onslaught. Digging those holes and doing all that planting seriously pooped me out.

The plan for this morning was to go to a coffee meeting with my local state senator, but when I looked on the map last night it was a long and painful drive. So plan B was to go to the new resident meet and greet at the community center, but my antisocial side told me to stay in bed.

It's actually a longer (in miles) drive to Yamagami's nursery, but it's all freeways, and pretty direct/painless. I told myself I was just going to see if they had any of the 4 plants on my list (from the CA master gardener site at UC Davis) of allegedly bee-attractant, full sun thriving plants:
1. Callistemon ‘Violaceus’  (violet bottlebrush)
2. Isomeris arborea (California Cleome AKA Bladder Pod)
3. Eriogonum grande var. rubescens (Red Buckwheat) - these had also been recommended by beekeepers at the county fair last year
4. Concha Ceanothus (California Mountain Lilac)
5. Salvia spathacea (Hummingbird Sage )

But I also told myself that I love just walking around this forest of flowers.

This is only about 1/8 of the nursery.

I walked around, observing which flowers had honey bees on them.
1. Did not have flowers. There were three big pots and one small pot, the small one was $15. I came back around to it later and bought the small one as my last purchase.
2. None in stock
3. They had several small pots with flowers, not looking very healthy, and the bees avoided them in favor of the blue lavender-like flowers next to them.
4. No flowers on these, and I remembered there are two in my garden already, not doing so well.
5. I have enough sage/salvia already

Besides the bottlebrush, I bought these, interrupting lunch for several honey bees:
Agastache summer berry
Agastache mango tango
Buddlaia CranRazz
Buddlaia Tutti Frutti

Before my walkabout, I checked out the fuchsia society's display and chatted with the two reps. About 150 blooms in glass finger bowls. I love those things, but there's nowhere I can put them outdoors where they won't fry.

There was also a sale on fountains, and I've been meaning to put one near the spirit house, but none of the ones they had on display appealed to me. Some were Just Plain Ugly but most were too big and/or abstract. I like Lee's - she has an off-white ceramic one of a boy riding a dolphin, the water goes out the dolphin's mouth into a birdbath.

On the way home I figured that tomorrow would be a good day to make classic southern fried drumsticks, so I stopped off at Lucky's and bought some eggbeaters. Also stocked up on Lactaid ice cream and milk, both were on sale. And they had big limes. And grapes were on sale too, I was out of turnovers, and also bought some cookies and cookie dough. Then on to the Taj Mahal market for halvah, also picked up two dozen frozen falafel and baklava.

Home, one thing about being marginally OCD is when I put away food, the same things go into the same spaces. Which is how I discovered I already had eggbeaters and a dozen and a half falafels. I did not buy bananas, remembering I have a metric tonne of instant oatmeal. I forgot to buy hot cocoa mix.

Put all the things away, read some more Hugo novel. As planned, took the spirit house inside, brushed off the cobwebs and sprayed it with lacquer. As I was starting the third coat, the tiny spider finally abandoned his nest - he had spun new silk between coats 1 and 2.

At a little before 4 I unplugged the car and drove to MV to meet Janice. As I was pulling into the Starbucks parking lot she texted me to cancel (I was an hour early). I went inside, much to my surprise there were lots of empty tables, I got a mocha and banana bread and plugged the laptop in. It needed updates. One of the updates was from Dell, it was a new update app. Much prettier than the original one.

Home after about an hour, vegged on the porch for a while, inside made falafel and mixed veggies for dinner. Outside for a while again, with ice cream & magic shell - wore a coat. 

Fired up YouTube and watched three sessions of UK's Got Talent, a 12-year-old shy chubby girl with a very strong voice and a ton of personality when she is singing, none when she is not. She did Defying Gravity (from Wicked) for the audition, and If Someone Like You from Jekyll & Hyde for round 2. She was a little flat on a couple of the long tones in the latter, but got the same applause and standing O from all the judges. The final she did Gravity again, which was disappointing - I was hoping for a new song. And she did not sing it as well this time. But again, the judges were wowed. IMHO this girl will probably wind up as a serial best supporting character on London's East End.

Outside to re-plant the spirit house, and placed the ceramic elephant at its base. Looks much better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Oatmeal for breakfast, if I remember to have breakfast
Plant some plants
Make fried chicken
Take out the garbage

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