Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Am Soooooo Tired

Another 4 am low Hgl attack. 61. By go-to-work time it was only back up to 90. As always, a crash drains me for the rest of the day.

On the road late, but 101 was moving along at 45mph most of the way, 65 for the last stretch so I was 5 minutes early.

Boss gave me >her< password to my stand-alone test machine, which meant I was able to change mine. And write it down this time. But when I finally remembered how to set up this very complex test framework, the prototype board wasn't recognized. Boss figured out what was amiss, with some help from me & Tall Engineer, but it will take loading on a new build to fix. That will probably be a while.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine Thai style ginger beef, which was excellent. Next time I'm in Grocery Outlet I'll buy more. No bananas today, am regretting not buying my own now. The room across from the break room was being used as day care, so all the snacks were gone quickly, except for the inedible ones.

In addition to the Italian soda syrups, there was Ghirardelli dark chocolate today, so break time was more flavorful than usual.

Left about 5 minutes early, went to the 5:30 showing of Wonder Woman 3D. It did not live up to the hype. I hate when they shoot movies in the style of the era in which the story takes place. Please, I'm fine with seeing 4K ultra HD movies set in WWI London & Germany. Slight over-use of slomo. Careless makeup jobs revealed by the close-ups, actors tended to keep their own accents, so we had Amazons from LA, Texas, Scandinavia and Israel. Mad props to Lilly Aspell, who played young Diana, though IMHO that was half an hour of wasted backstory which made no difference to the plot. Time has not been kind to Buttercup. Again, makeup FAIL because she looked great in House of Cards. The plot did not grab. The woman sitting next to me bailed after half an hour. The two women next to her took long bathroom breaks halfway through.

Home, two out of three wi-fi speakers were delivered. The last one is due tomorrow.

Dinner was Boston Market Beef & mashed. Baklava a la mode for dessert.

Turned on the TV in time for the Warriors' championship trophy ceremony. Did the NBA actually hunt for the least charismatic executive in the known universe to head their organization?

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