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Feeling Like A Cold Coming On

Took some Nyquil with dinner last night, slept too well. The usual "where am I?" feeling waking up. Got up and out and at work a few minutes early thanks to allowing half an hour for a 20 minute trip. It took 25.

Nothing at work of interest, really. Reply to my bug report was that it was a duplicate, but looking at the one it referred to, it was for a different manufacturer and different symptoms. Meanwhile I tried it on the same manufacturer and saw what the original bug said. Note to buganizer: there's a difference between no video and garbled video. And there's a difference between how a TV handles a signal and a streaming media box handles a signal. I'll have to chat with Boss about that.

There were bananas today, and I got the last diet Coke and a HB egg.

Spent the day watching programs on the pre-release app. Saw one bug but couldn't reproduce it. Watched the senate session with former Senator Sessions. Watched Kamala Harris get slapped down for not letting the witness answer her barrage of questions. Also found a new old Thai talk show, one which was the predecessor to Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice. The format is the host of those two shows one on one with famous singers and actors, the set is like the bar in a high class house. It's very informal, and the audience is mostly college aged kids.

Lunch was chicken a la king and chocolate mint cookies.

Grapes were the afternoon snack.

It got pretty hot in the room, the aircon was not on.

Google Home tester put in some time at the other end of the hole. There was a conference of Suits from China next door

Break, for aircon. Still enjoying the Hugo Nominated novel #2, Ninefox Gambit. Gave up on #1 Death's End - just plain too long and tedious. It's a ranked vote, I will rank them both (the three fantasy novels I won't rank).

Went to the Nameless Beauty Salon in the Bailey shopping plaza. I used to live across the street. Twice. It's next to the nearest Safeway to work. They have three or four barber chairs (but I think only one barber), 5 pedicure stations and 4 manicure stations. They paired me up with a very young and tiny manicurist who did a fine job in the style I like best. She got rid of the yellow and thinned the tips. And it was $2 less than Capri. I'll go again in 2 weeks.

Home after a stop at Grocery Outlet - should have gone to Safeway, but forgot I needed Nyquil/Dayquil. GO only had the solid tablets. I prefer the liquid-in-a-cup. Also picked up 3 more Thai ginger chicken lunches.

Watched the news on Tivo, on the station which carried the NBA championships. Guess what most of the hour was spent on.

Dinner was a cold plate: two HB eggs, some pickled herring in sour cream w/onions, kippered herring, lox, marinated green olives. Baklava a la mode for dessert.

The third wi-fi speaker arrived, and they are working as a group, one in the bedroom, one in the office and one in the kitchen. But they can't talk to the echo dot, and they cannot see my favorite radio stations on TuneIn when they talk to Alexa.

Time to take drugs and get to bed.
Plans for tomorrow:

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