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Heating Up

It got up to 84° in the hole this afternoon. Manager from the big building for the engineers next door noticed when he brought me a new box to test, and re-opened the facilities request. Aircon unit hasn't been on in 3 days. One of the engineers was chatting with me in the break room, he said there is space we might be able to use on the other side of the campus. A portable aircon unit might work too.
Early morning, Spook was in the BnB when I woke, she sprawled outside of it when I went showering.

Packed a very light cooler, just a pair of fried drumsticks and some grapes and a couple of snack bars. Of course there were no bananas today. Cheeses, and HB eggs though. And about a dozen interns having sit down breakfasts. Many wearing Howard West T-shirts - blank T-shirts with just that name across the top center. The deal is Google is recruiting black kids who might have wanted to go to Howard University in DC and given them internships out here. Maybe I'll wear my Howard U t-shirt to work tomorrow.

Almost time for a haircut. Maybe this weekend? Definitely going to change into shorts in the morning. Been wearing Tevas.

Work morning started with a guy at one of the partner sites showing a complete lack of understanding of why I can't log into his site. It did not help that Tall Engineer exercised his powers of obfuscation.  I looked the guy up on LinkedIn, and he has so many kudos from others it makes me wonder about those others. It's really very simple, my login on his site doesn't have access to the Tall Engineer's latest project. I was hoping Boss would straighten this out, because it's her main partner, but she didn't. She just teased Tall Engineer.

So I spent most of the morning trying to break the pre-release app, managed it once. Then the afternoon was spent re-testing the new box mentioned above. Not a new box, actually a re-test of new firmware on a box which was badly messed up. The plan was to only test what was fixed, which was about a 2-hour job. And the good news is the really important things got fixed, I only found one item which wasn't. Sadly, it's probably a show-stopper. But I'll let the engineers figure that out from the logs.

Lunch was the drumsticks, and mint milano cookies.

Break time I added chocolate syrup to the hot coco and managed to spill fling half of it on the way to a table. Lots of paper towels were harmed. Added marshmallows and topped it off. Wanted to have some pudding, but there were no spoons. Thanks, interns.

Home, back roads all the way, traffic on 101 was impossible.

Another cold plate for dinner, this time with velveeta melted onto toasted sourdough with a slice of salami.

The last baklava a la mode for dessert.

Played with the wifi speakers, they work well together, but the app sucks, and won't play my favorite TuneIn stations. However, I can get Alexa to play them through those speakers. But that's where the engineering FAIL comes in. To make the wifi speakers talk to Alexa, you have to unplug them from the USB cable, because the button you need is on a flap which won't close when USB is connected. And the speakers only have 5 hours of battery, so if you want all-night music, you need to re-connect them.

Watched the TV news, not a lot of information on the UPS shootings, but too much on the ones in DC for a local newscast. I love it that the gun rights reps were the ones who were shot. Also glad they will live to re-think that stance. Police blew it, killed the perp in a hail of bullets.

Reporting on the UPS shooting was useless. Zero info on what led up to it, or who the guy really was gunning for. Police blew it again, let the perp kill himself.

Delivered was a cute dino hatching figurine. I thought I was getting a bigger one, having seen a similar one for too much $$ at Yamagami's, but this one is too small to put in the garden. Or maybe not.

Also delivered was the set of 4 readers which apparently were shipped from China. I already am using a set ordered later when I saw how long delivery was going to take.

Ordered a Samsung Tab 2 on eBay, used, to replace my Tab A which doesn't have enough memory and is kind of lame in the wifi department. Also ordered another 200 generic immodium tablets. I use 1 a day.

And I signed up for another photo shoot, a week from Saturday, same place as the last one, this time there will be nudity. Looking at the Model Mayhem portfolio, I'll be doing a lot of work-safe pictures as well. Very exotic face.

Plans for tomorrow:

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