Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shortest Ever

Late start, on time to work but AG kept me on the phone for another 15 minutes.

Mostly watched the live feed of the Warriors celebration on NBC (Tivo at home was recording on ABC). NBC's Ros something interviewed lots of players & staff & was deeply knowledgeable about basketball and its doings. And she's DDG.

Ran the short automation suite on the box from yesterday. EOD updated a TV and another box and started the suite on the box.

Lunchtime a group of about a dozen people were let into the room across the hall, and came out with rolling carry-on. Some serious eye candy, including a tall blonde in gold lamé sandals and very tight white chinos. White blouse, very well proportioned. Also some very short skirts on a couple of petite women. The men were not dressed to impress.

Break time was quiet.

Traffic was impossible due to a concert at the amphitheater, so I went to Safeway and got generic nyquil/dayquil liquid and frozen dinners. Traffic was still a mess, so I took Central, which adds about 2 miles. Odd, but there was still 40% battery left. I guess the car used gasoline.

Dinner was Marie C honey roasted chicken, ice cream for dessert. Watched the whole Warriors parade, ABC's coverage was epic, but majorly FAILed due to incompetent director highlighting horrible camera work and audio switching. And the booth announcers were annoying. I FFed to the ceremony, checking in just enough to know it was 3 hours of inane chatter trying to predict the future of every player and coach, and I wanted to throw a shoe at them and shout "just stay in the moment!"

They had better coverage of the ceremony than NBC, but they didn't have Ros.

Plans for tomorrow:
Adjust insulin upwards

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